Customer Reviews of Electronic Cigarettes

The e-cigarette reviews you find on our site are all written by real customers who used the e-cigarette, the highest ranking brands are those with the highest amount of positive reviews. You can submit your own customer reviews yourself as well. Enjoy your visit!



EverSmoke e-cigarette kit EverSmoke is one of the big players in the electronic cigarette market that really drives innovation. An example of this is the charging pack of the EverSmoke e-cigarettes that allow you to easily charge the batteries of your ecigs on the go. The design of the Ever Smoke cartridges is subliminal thanks to the unique VaporMax® technology of this company. This new technique insures that the draw of your e-cigarette is very smooth and produces as much vapor as possible. sells anything from starter kits, to more luxury ecig kits as well as different cool flavors like Cherry Crush and Cool Menthol.

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South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke e-cigarette starter kit

South Beach Smoke is an American electronic cigarette store and offers a wide variety of e-cigarette kits including starter kits of just $29.99, and more luxurious premium and deluxe e-cig kits for experienced e-cig puffers. Their new flavor cartridges will give you more liquid nicotine per cartridge, and an even smoother vapor flow and flavor for more puffing sensations.

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The South Beach Smoke E-Cigarette Since many places in the United States have deemed restaurants, bars and even some public areas as “non-smoking”, many smokers are looking for an alternative to traditional cigarettes. The solution lies with the South Beach Smoke E-Cigarette. The South Beach Smoke E-Cigarette utilizes a microcomputer, an atomizer, a filter cartridge and a battery. When you inhale, the battery is activated powering the atomizer which heats the nicotine solution in the filter cartridge turning it into an odorless vapor which produces no smoke or tar. It allows for a smoking experience with no tobacco, tar, ashes, flame, carbon monoxide or odor. (more…)


Apollo E-Cig

Apollo E-Cig starter kitApollo E-Cig is a true American electronic cigarette brand that has its own R&D and production facilities to produce the best e-cigarettes and e-liquids. They have very reasonably priced e-cig starter kits that come with lots of free goodies including a disposable Apollo ecig, free shipping and free cartomizers with different flavors. Their state of the art electronic cigarettes are the result of years of experience of the management of Apollo E-Cig.

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The Apollo E-Cig E-Cigarette

Apollo E-Cig, ApolloECigs.comApollo E-Cigs vary greatly from other cigarettes, both electronic and traditional. For starters, with Apollo cigarettes, there is no risk of secondhand smoking. Apollo E-Cigarettes also do not produce the pungent aroma that most cigarettes do. There are also several reasons to choose Apollo E-Cigs. For one, the battery of an Apollo can last up to 30% longer than most e-cigarettes. Apollo E-Cigarettes also come with several accessories and affordable prices. One large difference between Apollo and ordinary tobacco is that while tobacco is banned in several public areas, Apollo is allowed in most (this is due to the harmless vapor that Apollo produces). Apollo E-Cigs are extremely efficient and enjoyable, especially with the many advantages they provide. (more…)


V2 Cigs

An e-cigarette starter kit by V2 Cigs V2 Cigs is one of the most famous electronic cigarette webshops on the internet. They are especially known for their low price, but high quality starter kits that are as cheap as $59.95. They sell a wide range of different e-cigarette packages for both starters and more advanced vapor fans. ships its electronic cigarettes to many different countries worldwide.

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The V2 Cigs E-Cigarette

 electronic cigarettes, V2 Cigs, V2Cigs.comThe V2 Cigs E-Cigarette is an innovative new nicotine release system that offers a healthier option to customary tobacco cigarettes. With customary smoking, you are obliged to breathe in thousands of unnecessary chemicals and carcinogens. However, With the V2, you obtain merely the nicotine you desire. With V2 the nicotine is given in totally clean and free from odor water vapor. The V2 Cigs E-Cigarette doesn’t flame like the customary cigarettes instead it vaporizes your nicotine in the elegant means. V2 electronic cigarettes make use of electricity to vaporize the nicotine you long for. Just for the reason that it behaves like smoking, but doesn’t stand for it is. You obtain similar sensation of satisfying your lungs, in addition to the nicotine you require; however, with V2Cigs E-Cigarette your lungs is able to feel the dissimilarity. (more…)


Bull Smoke

Bull Smoke starter kits Bull Smoke is for the tougher electronic cigarette fans, or those who want their first e-cigarette to buy a powerful one! The slogan of this unique brand is “More Vapor. No Bull”, and this truely is what Bull Smoke is all about. If you’re a big fan of tobacco flavored ecigs, then you’ll most definitely like one of Bull’s many tobacco flavors such as Old West, Texas Tobacco or Ranger. The cool cowboy-inspired names for their products are reason enough to visit their website!


Victory E-Cigarettes

Victory Electronic Cigarettes kit Victory E-Cigarettes is a Georgia-based brand that wants to make the world a better, smoke-free environment that still allows smokers to smoke whenever they want and feel like. The micro-ecigs this company sells are made out of three parts, and have been extensively to make sure that the flavor, throat hit and battery life give you the maximum quality that you deserve. Victory also has some very interesting membership formulas that you can subscribe for to save even more on your e-cigarettes while ensuring that you’ll never run out of refill cartridges.



e-cigarettes, ProSmoke, replacement cartridges Pro SmokeProSmoke, the name says it all, is an electronic cigarette brand for the real professional e-cigarette smokers who know how to distinguish an e-cigarette from a superb ecig. They have different starter kits ranging from cheap entry starter kits to more advanced kits for the hardcore ecig smoker. Most people who start smoking ProSmoke e-cigarettes usually don’t switch to other brands because they love their ProSmoke ecigs.


METRO Electronic Cigarette

METRO Electronic Cigarettes kitMETRO Electronic Cigarettes is an e-cigarette brand, by the company Nicotek, LLC. They are based in Denver, Colorado with offices in Arizona and Tennessee as well. METRO has been able to position their brand in over 10,000 retail stores in less than a year’s time, making them one of the most well known e-cigs on the market today. carries everything any beginning or returning vaper will need in their e-cig experience. With offerings from starter kits, build-your-own kits, platinum kits to refill cartridges in varying strengths and flavors, spare batteries, extra chargers and more. They also offer free shipping on any order that is over $50, with additional discounts for purchasing refill cartridges in bulk. (more…)


White Cloud Cigarettes

The Cirrus 3X kit from White Cloud CigarettesWhite Cloud Cigarettes is the producer of the “Rolls Royce” among the electronic cigarettes. Their White Cloud Cirrus II and III are luxurious electronic cigarettes that will give you the best puffs and vapor you’ve ever seen. These e-cigarettes are shorter, last longer, charge faster and work smoothly together with the innovative SmoothDraw cartridges with different flavors.

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The White Cloud Cigarettes E-Cigarette

White Cloud CigarettesWhite Cloud electronic cigarettes use the best technology to create the best user experience. These products use the best batteries and the best cartridges to make sure they work every time. White Cloud believes in quality so they willingly back their products with a two-year premium warranty. (more…)


Ozone Smoke

Ecig starter kit by Ozone SmokeOzone Smoke is dedicated to make your life free of nasty smoke, odors and harmful toxins and chemicals. In order to be able to make the best smoking alternative, Ozone Smoke employs the best engineers, medical professionals and scientists to help them create the finest e-cigarettes. Ozone sells a Premium, Deluxe and Ultimate starter kit, so it tailors to both beginning ecig smokers and the seasoned puffers.

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The E-Cigarette, A Better Smoking Alternative

Woman smoking e-cigaretteWith traditional cigarettes being banned everywhere, tobacco prices going up and rising concerns about the negative health effects on both smokers and non-smokers, the electronic cigarette is a welcome alternative to smoking analog cigarettes. The e-cigarette doesn’t contain tobacco and its damaging carcinogens, and only produces water vapor that doesn’t smell. And the best of all is that it’s cheaper than smoking tobacco cigarettes and that you can enjoy the taste and feel of your e-cigarette wherever you go.

What is The Best Electronic Cigarette?

If you’ve decided that you would like to give e-cigarettes a try, then there’s one important and hard question to answer for yourself: “Which brand should I get?”. With so many electronic cigarette brands available on the market, it’s not easy to find the answer immediately. The best way to discover the e-cigarette that meets your smoking profile is by comparing the brands through reviews.

Ranking of the Best Electronic Cigarettes of 2013

The brands with the highest amount of positive reviews get the highest rankings on our site. Based on the rankings and reviews submitted on our website, these are the three best electronic cigarettes of this year:

RankNameRatingMore Info
2South Beach Smoke4.934.934.934.934.93
3Apollo E-Cig4.774.774.774.774.77

Electronic Cigarette Reviews Written by Customers

To get unbiased opinions on e-cigarettes, we believe reviews written by customers who have tried the products themselves are the trustworthiest. That is why every electronic cigarette review submitted on our site is written by a real customer like you who has tried the ecig him- or herself. You can also submit a review of an e-cigarette that you’ve tried before to share your experiences. Not only do we let you rate and review the electronic cigarette itself, but also the service and shipment provided by the online store of the brand.