Apollo E-Cig

Apollo E-Cig starter kitApollo E-Cig is a true American electronic cigarette brand that has its own R&D and production facilities to produce the best e-cigarettes and e-liquids. They have very reasonably priced e-cig starter kits that come with lots of free goodies including a disposable Apollo ecig, free shipping and free cartomizers with different flavors. Their state of the art electronic cigarettes are the result of years of experience of the management of Apollo E-Cig.

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The Apollo E-Cig E-Cigarette

Apollo E-Cig, ApolloECigs.comApollo E-Cigs vary greatly from other cigarettes, both electronic and traditional. For starters, with Apollo cigarettes, there is no risk of secondhand smoking. Apollo E-Cigarettes also do not produce the pungent aroma that most cigarettes do. There are also several reasons to choose Apollo E-Cigs. For one, the battery of an Apollo can last up to 30% longer than most e-cigarettes. Apollo E-Cigarettes also come with several accessories and affordable prices. One large difference between Apollo and ordinary tobacco is that while tobacco is banned in several public areas, Apollo is allowed in most (this is due to the harmless vapor that Apollo produces). Apollo E-Cigs are extremely efficient and enjoyable, especially with the many advantages they provide.

Apollo Ecig giving away free disposable e-cigs

Apollo E-Cig Kits Available

The Apollo E-Cig website offers a variety of starter kits to choose from. The Apollo Mini Kit includes one mini charge park, one mini lithium battery, one mini atomizer, and one USB charger cable. With the purchase of an Apollo Mini Kit comes 25 free cartridges (you may select the flavor) and free shipping! This starter kit is most appropriate for light smokers, which entitles about five cigarettes or less per day.

Apollo E-Cig, e-cigarette

The Apollo Extreme Kit is designed for customers that smoke 1-2 packs a day. The Extreme Starter Kit includes two 280mAh batteries, a USB charger, a wall adaptor, a car charger, and five cartomizers (each cartomizer being the equivalent to one pack of ordinary cigarettes). The Apollo Mini Kit is listed as $34.95, while the Apollo Extreme Kit is being sold at $49.95. The Apollo Standard Kit includes the most accessories, though. In the Apollo Starter Standard Kit you will find one portable charging pack, two lithium batteries, one USB charger, one wall adaptor, and one pack of five cartomizers. You can get all this at the reduced price of $64.95!

Apollo E-Cig Refill Cartridges

The cartridges available for the Apollo Mini Kit come in a pack of five. The cartridges for the Apollo Standard Kit. Cartomizers also come separately. For the Apollo Standard Kit, there comes a pack with 5 cartomizers. The cartomizers come in three different colors (black, gold, white), four different strengths (high, medium, low, none) and five different flavors (Tobacco, Menthol, Coffee, Cherry, Vanilla). This pack of cartridges can be obtained for only $12.50! Cartomizers are also available for the Apollo Extreme pack. This pack does not give the option of color (it comes in gold), but instead of 200 puffs per cartomizer, which is what comes with the Apollo Standard Kit, the Extreme Kit comes with 300 puffs per cartomizer. That’s a difference of 500 puffs for only $15!

Apollo E-Cig Cartridge Flavors

The cartridges come in three different flavors-whiskey, brandy, and traditional cigar flavor. However, the five cartomizer flavors differ-you can choose from Tobacco, Menthol, Coffee, Cherry and Vanilla. With so many flavors, you’re bound to have the ultimate e-cigarette experience!

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156 Customer Reviews of “Apollo E-Cig”

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  1. 156
    Review by Robert Smith
    Overall 55555
    E-Cigarette 55555
    Service 44444
    Shipment 55555

    I never write review as a rule but I must make an exception. I recently ordered the five piece sampler pack from Apollo and was blown away by the
    quality and value of it. I was expecting a miniscule set of samples like perhaps 2 ml each. Instead, each vial contained 5ml. That means you get a really decent chance to evaluate each flavor. Plus, of course, that also means you get 25ml for a really fantastic price. (That really appealed to my Scottish ancestry.) More importantly, the quality of the samples is absolutely top notch, the best e liquids I have tried. I am a traditionalist so I really liked the Classic Tobacco and the RY4. Both had a nice tobacco feel with the RY4 being a bit sweeter. The Coffee and Cappuccino made me rethink my opinion on flavored juice. They had a perfect balance of coffee and tobacco. They were really good–especially with breakfast. On a whim my last choice was the Baja Blast–which I was expecting to be horrible. Wrong. I had to giggle at its fruity exuberance. I felt like a kid again! Of course the people running Apollo are no fools. They realize by encouraging people to try their stuff with the value of the sampler they are making new customers with their quality. That strategy certainly worked for me. Their shipping was fast and reasonably priced. I doubt I will shop anywhere else.

  2. 155
    Review by Jeff Capaldi
    Overall 55555
    E-Cigarette 55555
    Service 55555
    Shipment 55555

    After trying many other the most popular others (indluding Blu, Njoy, FIN etc), I’ve found that Apollo Extreme is the best because of 1) Larger and longest lasting batteries, 2) Larger and longer lasting cartomizers, 3) Excellent e-juice (capuccino, cherry and Tobacco are phenominal) without any “plastic” type taste, 4) Pricing — especially with fequent coupons and sale events, 5) Customer service with over 20 orders now — they have the product and ship promptly. On two occaisons, they did call to offer alternatives when items went out of stock. And 6) price of accessories is very fair — such as USB chargers etc.

    Overall — I used to smoke over a pack a day and since switching to e-cigarettes, I will smoke maybe 1 cigarette a week, just to remind me how bad they tasted! Apollo made this possible as some of the other brands would not have provided this experience and these results. Thanks Apollo!

  3. 154
    Review by Gregory Akerman
    Overall 55555
    E-Cigarette 55555
    Service 55555
    Shipment 55555

    Before Apollo e-cigs I smoked at-least 40 tobacco cigarettes a day for too many years to count. I came across Apollo and decided to buy the standard starter kit.
    I noticed, between a time-frame of about 3 weeks, that my tobacco habit
    dropped from 40 cigarettes to less than 20.
    Within 2 more weeks, and I am down to 5-10 tobacco ciggs a day and have been for a bit now.

    I just purchased the Apollo Superior eGo Kit and am soon giong to completely stop tobacco.

    I can say with confidence that Ecigs are extremely cleaner than Tobacco ciggs. If I where to wait until the Scientific Consensus says that “Ecigs are safer,” I can honestly say I would die. For anybody that has a huge Tobacco habit, going from 40 cigs a day to 5-10 is already a life-safer. (this statement is my opinion; and I believe all Heavy Tobacco Smokers would agree).

    ApolloEcigs has at a minimum extended by life, and allows me to live my life more physically active.
    Since starting ecigs, my lungs feel better as they aren’t as saturated with tobacco smoke any anymore.

    I am confident the Superior eGo Kit will help me quit tobacco 100% as this is why I ordered it.

  4. 153
    Review by Veronica
    Overall 55555
    E-Cigarette 55555
    Service 55555
    Shipment 55555

    I have been smoking traditional cigarettes for more than half of my life and I smoked at the least a pack a day- most days I smoked closer to 25 cigarettes a day… I have been wanting to quit for a while and could not do it without some tools. Unfortunately all the things I had tried in the past did not help me enough and I failed at stopping.

    Almost 4 weeks ago I started my research on electronic cigarettes- I posted in a private group on facebook that I was interested in information and suggestions on electronic cigarettes! A woman who is from my area commented on my post and said she used the Superior Ego Electronic Cigarette from Apollo! She and I ended up chatting back and fourth online for a few hours. She answered any question I had with details from her personal experience. If I had not known better, I would have thought she worked for Apollo considering all the great things she had to say about the company and the product. I got a few more suggestion and reviews on different products but chose to go with Apollo and find out for myself what this woman was talking about.

    As I browsed the website I was able to chat online with a live person – they answered all my questions- the customer service was great. The warehouse is local to me- another bonus!!! I told the representative that I was going to be there within the hour and they offered to have my order ready and waiting for me at the front desk! Apollo has amazing customer service and everything product I have used has been great!

    I got my Superior Ego starter kit on a Monday. Had it fully charged and ready to use by 1 pm… It was easy to set up and use! The electronic cigarette surpassed my expectations. It was awesome. I used the RY4 e liquid first and I was so pleased! The flavor was amazing! The vapor was excellent and I knew I had hit a jack pot right away! From that point on I challenged myself to smoke less traditional cigarettes. I did not pressure myself to quit, just to smoke less and use the electronic cigarette instead as much as possible. To my surprise in the first week I went from 20 to 25 traditional cigarettes a day down to 7 or 8 a day… The following week I went down to 3 or less traditional cigarettes a day! On Wednesday the 21st at 10 pm I had my 3rd cigarette of the day and went to bed. When I woke up the following morning I decided to challenge myself- I wanted to try and get my shower done before I would smoke my first traditional cigarette of the day. I took a few draws off my electronic cigarette instead and hopped in the shower. I was so excited I was able to not smoke first thing in the morning that I decided I would put my electronic cigarette in the pouch that it came with and wear the lanyard so I could carry it with me- and I told myself I could smoke a traditional cigarette later… I carried my traditional cigarettes with me- just in case I wanted one and honestly I forgot about them!

    Today marks my 7th day without smoking traditional cigarettes! I finally quit smoking! I love my Apollo electronic cigarette because it works- it helps curb my desire to light a real cigarette! It also smells and tastes so much better. When I am around people and I am vaping (yay, I can vape almost anywhere unlike smoking) they always tell me how good it smells and ask about what I am using and they want to know all about my electronic cigarette!!! 🙂 I have tried quitting so many times and was never successful. I know with this awesome electronic cigarette I wont ever have to smoke again. 7 days into my challenge and I feel amazing! I love that Apollo offers e liquids in so many flavors and nicotine levels. You can even get e liquid from Apollo with zero nicotine in it! My goal is to cut my nicotine intake too and eventually I will be able to vape just for the flavor and fun!

    Thanks to folks who are already Apollo customers and a HUGE thank you to Apollos customer service representatives, I am now a non smoker and a faithful Apollo customer!

  5. 152
    Review by Tony Tran
    Overall 55555
    E-Cigarette 55555
    Service 55555
    Shipment 55555

    Although these products usually focus on cigarette smokers, they can also be great for hookah smokers as well. I purchased the Apollo Supreme Starter Kit a week ago and I haven’t been able to put it down since then! The price was perfect for a college student on a budget and the shipping was quick. I usually go through about 8 bowls of shisha per week, but by having this it has saved me the inconvenience of setting up and cleaning up a hookah. It’s also a much cheaper alternative and much safer without the tar! All my friends seem to love it and some even surprisingly prefer it over a hookah! The thickness and size of the clouds are great considering the size of the product. It’s also convenient to have the option to choose what level of nicotine you want (I suggest 0 to 5 mg for hookah smokers). Great quality products, low prices, frequent sales, fast shipping and very friendly customer service! You’ve won me over as a new loyal customer!

  6. 151
    Review by Michael M
    Overall 55555
    E-Cigarette 55555
    Service 55555
    Shipment 55555

    I’ve smoked for over 20 years, tried many different e-cigs out there but have always gone back to “standard” cigs due to the flavor and nicotine hit not being up to par on the ecigs.

    Then I found Apollo.

    My favorite cigs out there were the Djarum Blacks and I had tried a couple of the “clove” flavored e-juices out there but never had been really happy with them. Apollo’s clove juice is the closest I have tasted to a true clove. Used with their eGo and a pro tank (pyrex glass) I feel just like I’m kicking back enjoying a Djarum, just without the second hand smoke. (my wife loves this fact) Their products, ecigs and juice, are the best I have found out their. I have tried , Whitecloud, Vapor King and many other brands that you can pick up at the different tobacco shops around (sorry don’t remember them all because I tended to throw them away) but Apollo’s eGo kit leaves all others in the dust.

    Apollo’s service is also Top notch. My package was shipped the next day and arrived a day later, as I commute through their area they also offered the option to pick up the order at their office which I will be doing in the future. Also, I had to contact Apollo as my cell service crashed on my phone during my first order so two were erroneously placed. When I contacted the rep who was only in training gave the type of service I look for in my sales teams, smart, friendly, efficient, looking out for the customer first. I also contacted them a few times after the fact with some questions about their e-juices and each and every time the service level was excellent and held to a high standard. I will be raving about Apollo to my many friends that still smoke and hopefully will be making converts to ecigs out of them. Glad to know their are still company’s out there that have high quality standards in product and service!

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