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Blaze Electronic Cigarettes

Blaze Electronic Cigarettes Voted as number 1 in “best e-Cig flavor,” Blaze Electronic Cigarettes is very close to replicating the real deal. Blaze has made its name through its widespread availability in hundreds of stores located across the US. Their electronic cigarettes, e-cigars and disposable ecigs are available through their site BlazeCig.com along with their cheaply priced refill cartridge bundles. If you’re already an e-cigarette smoker and you’re unsatisfied about your current one, then you can send Blaze your old e-cig battery and charger and they’ll send you a new Blaze Deluxe Kit to help you start “blazing” away.

The Blaze Electronic Cigarette

BlazeCigs.com Compared to the majority of other electronic cigarettes, BlazeCig generates more vapor, has more flavor, and gives you the closest feeling of smoking a traditional cigarette. The device has two main parts – the battery, which provides power to heat the e-liquid and the cartomizer, which contains the flavor and strength of your choosing. Since Blaze eCigs are made to mimic regular cigarettes, the vaping experience will feel just the same.

Blaze Cig Kits

Blaze Ecig starter kitThe Blaze Deluxe kits are available in original tobacco and menthol flavor. It comes with a white rechargeable battery, 2 cartomizers, and a USB charger. This kit is reasonably priced at $39.95 – one of the best prices in the market for top quality ecigs. When purchasing this kit you will receive 2 cartomizers to start with; however, once those are done, you have the option to choose from a wide variety of more than 30 different flavors! The Deluxe kit is a perfect alterative to use for your smoking habit without the tar, tobacco and other 4,000 chemicals that can be found in traditional cigarettes.

BlazeCig also offer the powerful and favored e-Vapor eGo kit. This kit comes with a battery that is 3 times as powerful as the standard battery; this means it gives off more vaping with less battery charging time. It also comes with a unique double coil technology advanced tankomizer, which gives an intense flavor when filled with the Blaze e-liquids. This kit is also equipped with a USB charger, a power adapter and is complemented by a handy carrying case. The low price of the e-Vapor is $49.95 and the eVapor Plus eGo, which comes with 2 batteries and 2 tankomizers, simply goes for $69.95.

Blaze Refill Cartridges

Blaze uses BlazeCig cartomizers, which is a cartridge and atomizer all in one. Each cartomizer is equivalent to over a pack of traditional cigarettes, depending on each individual’s vaping habit. A pack comes with 5 cartomizers and each pack has different levels of nicotine. Depending on each individual’s needs the level of nicotine ranges from high, medium, low to no nicotine. The refill packs are available at a low rate of $14.95, which suits anyone who is on a budget.

Blaze Flavor Cartridges

BlazeCig has many top quality flavors to choose from. They range from the traditional tobacco and menthol, to different fruit flavors and even coffee. There is also the Ice flavor variety pack, which comes in 5 different cool refreshing taste flavors of chocolate, pineapple, coffee, melon and strawberry. Blaze also offers the Soft Bite cartomizers that has a smooth soft tip that feels like a regular cigarette filter, giving eCigs users a new feeling of vaping.

Blaze flavored e-liquids and cartridges

Blaze Flavor E-Liquids

Blaze’s premium e-liquids are made with the finest ingredients to give that perfect smooth vapor. E-liquids also come in the same flavors as the cartomizers and even more to choose from at a great price of $14.95.

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