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My E-Cigarette Story: “How The E-Cig Helped Me Quit Smoking”

Vapor coming out of an e-cigaretteI had been smoking for almost ten years before I discovered the electronic cigarette and decided to make the switch. The first time I decided to try the electronic cigarette was when I became pregnant with my first child, a baby boy. I knew that I needed to quit smoking for his sake and his health. I wanted so badly to be a good influence to him and I did not want to harm him in any way possible. I had tried the gum and the patches in the past to quit smoking with no success. I needed something that would imitate the feeling of inhaling smoke that I so desperately craved. That is when my aunt introduced me to the e-cigarette.

The first time I smoked an electronic cigarette was about three years ago. I had just found out I was pregnant with my son. I immediately knew that this would be the method that would allow me to quit smoking cigarettes for good. I know now that I was more addicted to the act of inhaling the smoke itself than the nicotine in the cigarettes, as I had no problems with smoking the cartridges that contained very low nicotine, and very shortly after that switching to the non-nicotine cartridges to eliminate the toxins that were transmitted to my son. (more…)

Don’t Know Which E-Cigarette Kit to Buy? Get a Gift Certificate

Online shopping for ChristmasThe Christmas season is coming up fast and that means you need to start thinking about what gifts to purchase for your friends and loved ones. You are probably also thinking about what particular gifts you want to purchase for yourself. Among the most novel and interesting gifts you could buy is the e-cigarette. The question to ask though is: Which e-cigarette should you purchase, and what sort of kit should you get?

Here is a bit of advice: don’t purchase the e-cig at all. Get a gift certificate instead. This will save you a lot of trouble over trying to determine which kit to get for the intended recipient. A gift card makes things a lot easier for all involved, which is why buying one is recommended. (more…)

E-Cigarette Comparison: SmokeTip vs Smokeless Delite

SmokeTip starters kit VS Smokeless Delite, smokeless cigarettes,

While there are plenty of e-cigarette brands to choose from, two of the more popular e-cigarette brands are Smokeless Delite (customer reviews) and SmokeTip (customer reviews). The real question is how do you distinguish between the two to figure out which brand is best for your e-cigarette needs? Read through this e-cigarette comparison to take a close look at where these two popular brands differ the most. (more…)

My E-Cigarette Story: “Why I Tried an E-cigarette”

Sign: No smoking allowedLike most smokers, I am frustrated with the anti-smoking laws and the invasion of my privacy and freedoms when I am out and about in public. I’ve been a smoker for more than 10 years, and during that time, I have watched smoker’s rights decrease in the name of health. I can no longer smoke in restaurants, bars or even in front of businesses for fear that I might be fined or subjected to harassment from non-smokers due to the second and now third hand smoke fears.

Since I am tired of the restrictions and encroachment on my rights, I bought a disposable Blackjack e-cigarette for $15 from my local gas station. I also bought a pack of traditional cigarettes in case I did not like the e-cigarette. (more…)

Learning The Difference Between E-Cig Cartridges and Cartomizers

Any electronic cigarette smoker will tell you that the term “refill cartridge” can mean many things. Whether you’re new to this hobby or you’re a seasoned pro, there are some differences that you should know about when discussing a cartridge and cartomizer. Since each one can offer their own advantages and disadvantages, here are some things that you should know:


What Are They?

Many of the older electronic cigarettes that were created around 2010 and 2011 used this kind of technology. The problem with a cartridge is that they tend to wear away faster and are considered to be older technology. This is a problem for those who tend to smoke a lot throughout the day.

E-cig cartridge and atomizer


Get a Taste of the Electronic Cigarette with a Free Starter Kit from Victory

Free e-cigarette starter kitIf you’ve been contemplating switching from regular cigarettes to the popular, electronic cigarette then now might be the time for you to try Victory Electronic Cigarettes. A stand out in the industry, Victory Electronic Cigarettes offer you the same satisfaction and a variety of tastes that can give you the rush you need without making you stand outside in the cold or forcing you to carry around a cigarette lighter everywhere you go. In fact, Victory even offers a free e-cigarette starter kit for those who want to give it a try, but who just aren’t sure.

Did You Say Free?

You read that right, free. All you have to do is go to their free starter kit deal page and take a look at the practically non-existant price that you’re paying for an entire start up kit using Victory’s unique and recognizable products. Not only do you get the starter kit for free, but you also get a membership with this package, and you’re automatically signed up for a monthly plan that comes with a set number of refill cartridges. Those monthly shipments of refills aren’t free of course, but if it turns out that Victory Electronic Cigarettes meet with your approval then you don’t have to worry about signing up for all of the various and sundry extras that you’ll need to keep smoking. (more…)

E-Cigarette Comparison: Envy Electronic Cigarettes vs METROecigs

Envy Electronic Cigarettes reviews VS METRO Electronic Cigarettes kit

There are many great reasons to try e-cigarettes, but with so many brands and choices available, you might have a difficult time deciding which product will work best for your needs. If you have become frustrated by the lack of good information regarding the various brands now available on the market, you are certainly not alone. Thankfully, there are some helpful comparisons that can be made between some of the top electronic cigarette types and brands that are available to consumers. METRO electronic cigarettes and Envy electronic cigarettes are two of the most popular brands, and this e-cigarette comparison should help you to identify which of the two brands will suit you best. (more…)

Three Great UK Electronic Cigarette Related Websites

Flag of the UKOn our site, we cover mainly US electronic cigarette brands, even though we also write about some UK ones like JAC Vapour. There are many good websites that promote and review electronic cigarettes that you can buy in the United Kingdom. We’ve put together a top three of our favorite UK-based websites that also review e-cigarettes and blog about them.

Which Electronic Cigarette has composed a top 12 of its favorite electronic cigarettes and ranked them accordingly. These reviews are based on what the experts think and there are definitive pros and cons available for each model. In addition to that, you can also find coupons for each electronic cigarette that is reviewed. So not only are you getting to know which cigarettes are the best on the market, but you are also getting links for discounts on them. This website really is a win-win for all electronic cigarette fans/customers. logo

This website has two distinct review sections, which makes it very appealing to those looking to learn more about electronic cigarettes. In addition to reviews of top cigarettes, there is also a section labeled “Your Reviews“. This is a section where various reviews from other websites (and users of this website) are meshed together to give a detailed analysis of each model. Chances are that any question you may have about a particular cigarette will be answered in these sections. There are also coupons available on top brands. logo is a great website because it is very unique compared to the others. While other websites have basic reviews that have bullet points and pros/cons, this website uses a forum system to get its point of view across. The great thing about a forum is that each e-cigarette is reviewed by multiple users. These are real people who have real experience with a certain brand of electronic cigarettes. They can talk about what they liked about the electronic cigarette and what they did not like. Even more important is that you can be sure their reviews are not biased.

Just make sure you sign up for the website’s forum, as that will give you access to all the pages and all the detailed reviews of each product. You will also be able to interact with people by posing questions and offering your own two pennies on each electronic cigarette. While other websites have good reviews, this site has a personal touch to it. logo

At the end of the day, it is all about getting a broad range of opinions on electronic cigarettes and that is exactly what these websites provide.

Interview on Premium E-Cigarettes and Superb Customer Service with White Cloud Cigarettes

Logo of White Cloud CigarettesWhite Cloud Cigarettes wants to do more than just selling e-cigarettes. Not only does this premium brand want to produce and sell some of the best electronic cigarettes available, it also wants to be famous for its extraordinary customer service. To discover what makes White Cloud Cigarettes’ customer service so great, we did an interview with the company’s Head of Customer Care Patti Ray. Not only did we find out more about the company’s top-notch customer care; we also discovered quite a few interesting bits about the company itself as well. (more…)

My E-Cigarette Story: “My Entire Family is Safe from Second-Hand Smoke Now”

I was a bit skeptical when my sister purchased an electronic cigarette and insisted that I try it. She isn’t a heavy smoker, and I figured, though it may work for her, it probably would not do anything for me. I had been smoking for nearly ten years, but I reluctantly gave in and took a few drags of her e-cig. I was surprised by the feel of it, and the taste was not bad either. I told my boyfriend that I believe e-cigs could save us money and our health, and so he went out and purchased one for each of us. He brought home the Mistic brand e-cigarettes, which are bigger, heavier, and stronger than the brand I tried at my sister’s.

Lady smoking an e-cigarette by Mistic

We have been smoking our Mistics for almost a year now. I thought smoking e-cigs was going to be like smoking air, but the vapors provide a similar feel to smoke. When I inhale, I can feel them in my mouth and throat the same way I can feel smoke from a real cigarette. The vapors are also visible when exhaling. The nicotine in electronic cigarettes satisfies my cravings the same way, as well. I love how the red tips light up whenever I take a drag, making the smoking experience all the more realistic. (more…)

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