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Can an E-Cigarette Really Explode?

E-cigarette battery

E-cigarettes are a popular new way of smoking and are considered safer than real cigarettes. There have been rumors going around that e-cigarettes can explode. There has been a case where this has happened, but the chances of this are low. The only thing that caused the explosion was a faulty battery. It was not the e-cigarette itself.

Faulty Batteries?

There have been reported cases of toys and electronics exploding all over the world due to faulty batteries. An e-cigarette has about as much chance of exploding as an electronic remote control car or any other electronic out there that runs on batteries. This is known as a freak accident and it may happen everywhere. If you are worried about an e-cigarette exploding on you, then you may also worry about electronic toothbrushes, children’s toys, shavers, and other miscellaneous house objects exploding as well because the chances are the same.

Should I Be Worried?

Smoking an electronic cigaretteThe short answer to this question would be no. As stated above, the chances of an electronic cigarette exploding are just as low as a toy car exploding. If that is your only concern with electronic cigarettes then you no longer need to worry at all. There are many people out there that smoke these cigarettes on a daily basis and they are just fine. If there were a real, serious danger with electronic cigarettes exploding then they would not be legal.

Are Some Brands Safer Than Others?

There are many brands of e-cigarettes and they all have a battery inside of them. This battery is the only thing that could cause an explosion if one were to happen. The brands use mainly the same materials to make the cigarette. If you are worried about anything happening and are not convinced that the risk is extremely minimal then you can check the battery.

How To Check A Battery

If you are at all worried about a battery exploding, there are many ways that you can easily check it. When you look at the battery you need to look for any cracks, corrosion, rust, or leaking battery acid. These are bad signs and if you find that then you should get a new battery. This goes for any device that you may use that involves batteries and does not only apply to e-cigarettes.


E-cigarettes are just as safe as any other electronic device and it is not normal for them to explode.

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