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Celebrities Using Electronic Cigarettes

Leonardo Di Caprio and the e-cigaretteThe “social stigma” that has been associated with celebrity smokers has made these stars more aware of criticism they receive due to the fact they are considered “roles models of our generation.” On-lookers and observers view them with disgusting expressions, and make condescending comments, as a way to show their disapproval.

Celebrities are under enormous pressure to act as positive influences to portray themselves and their careers in a positive manner. Surprisingly enough, smokers whom we perceive as distinguished, have eliminated tobacco products for the replacement of vaporized, or “e-”cigarettes.

From Katherine Heigl to Britney Spears: Celebrity E-Cig Smokers

Katherine Heigl, who appeared on the “David Letterman Show” recently, and expressed how highly she thought of the e-cigarette. She even utilized it on the show. Heigl also said it is not detrimental to your health (though this is scientifically not proven), and this device is not offensive to the general public. She stated that the water vapor acts as a humidifier.

Leonardo DiCaprio uses a “Smokestick” brand e-cigarette and he is often spotted taking a puff while gallivanting around on his bike. He also uses them frequently at public events.

Kevin Federline smoking an electronic cigaretteKevin Federline is an avid user of e-cigarettes, mainly due to the fact he does not want smoke in his home due to his children. He does not like cigarette smoke in in his home, either. Also, the irritation of going outside just to smoke a cigarette was aggravating in itself to Federline.

Johnny Depp has made a substantial stride of raising awareness to the benefits of e-cigarettes. In the move “The Tourist“, Johnny Depp was relaxing on a train while taking a few puffs of his electronic cigarette. The e-cigarette gained a lot of new users after his appearance with the device in this movie.

Britney Spears has been known for smoking in the presence of her children, but when realizing the detrimental effects she was inflicting on them due to second hand smoke, she is now smoking the e-cigarette.

Paparazzi Fooled By the E-Cigarette

The number of former smokers is increasing on a large scale. Many celebrities may hide the fact that they are smoking to avoid press-related pictures trying to catch them in their most inopportune moments. Paparazzi often attempt to snap pictures of celebrities with a regular cigarette. However, what they often get, to their chagrin, is a photo of the star with an e-cigarette. Celebrities should be commended for their use of the e-cigarette.

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