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E-Cig Comparison: Volcano Ecigs vs ProSmoke

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Here at Electronic Cigarette Review we’re big fans of comparison articles and e-cigarette brand show off articles. In our series of e-cig comparisons, we decided to take a look at how Volcano Ecigs is compared to ProSmoke. We’ll take a look at how the style, battery, responsiveness and flavors of both brands are when compared with each other. Tune in if you’re still doubting about what e-cig brand to get!

Volcano – Style

The Volcano has a sleek design. The kit is designed in white for a discreet battery compartment.

ProSmoke – Style

The ProSmoke is very durable. There are no leak problems with the ProSmoke as there are with several other types of ecigs. The ProSmoke doesn’t have any holes in the design. Therefore, air cannot seep through the ecig as the smoker draws in. It is a high quality product. Not a single problem was found during weeks of testing with the ProSmoke electronic cigarette. Nothing negative was ever heard back from a customer. High-quality vapor is received from Prosmoke.

Volcano – Battery/Responsiveness

Volcano Ecigs has many improved changes such as the battery and the atomizers. It is now a two-piece kit. For a mini ecig, the new battery life is solid and comes with a case charger. The battery is one of the lightest and smallest in an ecig.

ProSmoke – Battery/Responsiveness

Out of all ecigs, Prosmoke has the highest quality and durable battery. The battery is also long lasting and has a great charge. The ProSmoke battery can last more than a day without needing a recharge. The ProSmoke battery’s responsiveness is instant. As soon as you take a pull from the ecig, you can instantly feel and taste the vapor.

The Prosmoke batteries are available in two colors (black and white). Most consumers prefer the white battery because it has the look and feel of a genuine cigarette. However, the black batteries are very stylish as well.


The vapor flavor of the Volcano has made the greatest improved out of all ecigs. Volcano now uses cartomizers and is available in many flavors. There is an option with Volcano to use blanks and try the huge selection of e-liquids. For a small ecig, the Volcano’s vapor is very impressive. The many options that the Volcano ecig offers sets it apart from most other ecigs.


ProSmoke offers a large variety of flavors. One of the favorite flavors is the Classic Tobacco. ProSmoke also offers many nicotine refill strengths, including 0mg nicotine strength. This is great for those who wish to decrease their nicotine intake eventually and quit completely. The strengths range from 9-28mg cartridges. The lower the strength nicotine, the lighter the smoke flavor, from ultra light, medicum, strong to full flavor…

If you would like more info on how both brands are compared to each other and other popular e-cigarette brands, then definitely take a look at the reviews of Volcano Ecigs and ProSmoke reviews submitted by visitors of our site.

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