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E-Cigarette Comparison: Envy Electronic Cigarettes vs METROecigs

Envy Electronic Cigarettes reviews VS METRO Electronic Cigarettes kit

There are many great reasons to try e-cigarettes, but with so many brands and choices available, you might have a difficult time deciding which product will work best for your needs. If you have become frustrated by the lack of good information regarding the various brands now available on the market, you are certainly not alone. Thankfully, there are some helpful comparisons that can be made between some of the top electronic cigarette types and brands that are available to consumers. METRO electronic cigarettes and Envy electronic cigarettes are two of the most popular brands, and this e-cigarette comparison should help you to identify which of the two brands will suit you best.

METRO Electronic Cigarettes: Build Your Custom Starter Kit

METRO electronic cigarettes are not the most popular e-cigarettes on the market, but an increasing number of people are using the brand’s products every day. These e-cigarettes are manufactured by their mother company called Nictotek, which is based in the United States. The company has used several years of research and retail studies to understand the needs of its consumers, and its goal is to provide the highest-quality and most affordable alternative to traditional cigarettes. The company offers a number of different starter kits at affordable prices, and you can even build your own custom starter kit featuring a designer pack for your e-cigarettes. More information about these e-cigarettes can be found on their website where you can order the products as well.

Envy Electronic Cigarettes: Affordability and Quality

Envy Electronic Cigarettes logoEnvy electronic cigarettes are notable for their distinctive black and green color scheme, but consumers love the brand for its incredible deals on its great products. The company is owned and operated by Americans, and it has its headquarters in Jupiter, Florida. The company’s goal is to provide traditional cigarette smokers with the best available alternative on the market. Envy electronic cigarettes are designed to fit the same dimensions of many popular traditional cigarette brands, while retaining a similar weight, as well. This makes Envy cigarettes incredibly popular among those who want to make the transition to a healthier smoking alternative. The company offers numerous starter kits at affordable prices, including the Envy eGo-T kit that costs less than $50.

The Choice is Yours

When deciding between METRO e-cigarettes and Envy electronic cigarettes, you should look at the starter kit options offered by each company. While both brands offer affordable kits, those who want more custom options should opt for the METRO brand, while those who simply want the best value should choose the Envy brand. Both brands of e-cigarettes produce thick, smoke-like vapor that can satisfy any smoker, and both brands are committed to excellent customer service. The best news is that each brand is affordable, meaning that you can try each one without breaking the bank.

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