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E-Cigarette Comparison: Lucky Slicks vs AltSmoke

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How do you go about choosing an electronic cigarette brand? Like a fine wine, all electronic cigarettes have their own distinct personality. From flavor to the realistic experience, you have to find the one that fits your taste. As you start your electronic cigarette comparison, you should remember that you could express who you are with your choice, but one important factor to remember, they all basically work the same way. The real key differences depending on your brand choice, is total quality, overall durability and dependability of the product, and then what exactly has the things you love that set it apart for you. So let’s do an electronic cigarette comparison of Lucky Slicks and AltSmoke.

Lucky Slicks: Chic Black E-Cigarettes

Lucky Slicks, Lucky e-cigarettes, Lucky cigsLucky Slicks is like your basic exquisite black designer. The sleek black cigarette showcases a blue LED giving it a refined and elegant appearance. It is a three-piece electronic cigarette. As with most brands it comes with a starter kit for the beginner and more advanced kits for those who would consider themselves experienced electronic cigarette users. In The starter kit, which is also very chic, you will find an instruction manual, two batteries (one spare), two atomizers, nicotine cartridges, and a charger with a power line adaptor. The best way to find out how good Luck Slicks’ e-cigarettes really are, we highly recommend you to check some of the Lucky Slicks reviews submitted by customers of the company on our site.

The batteries are sold separately, atomizers as well and even the cartridges can be purchased stand-alone. After charging, the LED will alert you the charge is complete, and you can select your atomizer. There are five cartridges to a box and each one is individually wrapped, and the label identifies the flavors or levels for you, which is a very nice feature. One of the other features that are very nice on this brand is a rubber stopper on the end cap, which keeps the freshness locked in. Excellent presentation from the Slicks and consideration of identification and keeping their product top notch

AltSmoke: Quality and Reliability in a Beautiful E-Cigarette

AltSmoke reviewsAltSmoke is also an electronic cigarette brand that has a very high reputation and is built on quality and reliability. Another trait of this company that is highly respected is their speed in shipping their products, quick and very good at always having the cigarettes in stock. They guarantee a fourteen-day money back policy, and include a six-month warranty on several of their models. The Riva and Yeti starter kits are some of the most popular for those starting out and like other brands they also offer a more advanced selection, the Omega and the Silver Bullet are very good choices.

This kit is equipped with almost identical equipment as other kits, with two batteries, two atomizers, five cartridges and one adapter. One thing to note on this brand and that some folks are not happy about, is they come with manual battery start. The more advanced users prefer this, but it is just something to note if you are just starting out. The automatic battery provides the realism of smoking a cigarette and could be a drawback for many people. Pricing is very competitive, but you know what they say, you get what you pay for.

So in your quest for the best electronic cigarette brand, you may need to research the one for you, and once you make the selection, you can sit back and enjoy, pour that glass of wine and know that your choices are just perfect for you.

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