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E-Cigarette Comparison: Never Light Again vs Green Puffer

Never Light Again, e-cigarette comparison VS Green Puffer e-cigarettes reviews

Kick the Habit With E-Smoking

In comparing the many (disposable) e-cigarettes available on the market, one that has received many positive reviews is the Never Light Again. These e-cigarettes are available for individual purchase at neighborhood stores and gas stations, as well as kits that make e-smoking more economical than smoking the traditional cigarettes. The Never Light Again e-cigarette is considered one of the top brands of e-cigarettes, and offer an excellent choice with their Executive Platinum package. Priced at $100, it is well worth the price, and equipped with enough e-liquids to make up what you get in four cartons of cigarettes. Two batteries of high quality are also part of the package, as well as chargers and cartomizers.

Green Puffer e-cigarettes reviewsThe Green Puffer, another e-cigarette, is a great way to kick the traditional smoking habit with a healthier and green approach. Green Puffer e-cigarettes are not found at local stores in disposable forms, but come in a kit just like the Never Light Again model. The Green Puffer also comes with chargeable batteries and interchangeable cartridges that vaporize just enough nicotine to give you full enjoyment of smoking while being considerate of other people. Green Puffer e-cigarette kits also run around $100.

Green Puffer vs Never Light Again

Never Light Again, e-cigarette comparisonIn comparing the two kits, Never Light Again and Green Puffer, choosing Never Light Again gives you more options in prices. While the Executive Platinum sells for $100, other kits in the line start as low as $24. Green Puffer only comes in the one kit option starting at a little over $100. Both kits give the e-smoker a choice of flavors, mint leaf as well as fruit flavors and chocolate. Green Puffer also offers a cola flavor e-juice you can order.

The major difference in the two e-cigarettes is in the convenience of disposable e-cigarettes over purchasing a complete e-cigarette starter kit. Buying a kit is going to save more money than purchasing the disposable e-cigarette at gas stations. Another way to save on e-cigarettes is the online coupons that you can find at the Green Puffer website for their kit.

Using These Disposable E-Cigarettes In Public

Both brands of these e-cigarettes can be enjoyed in public places, even in most places that prohibit smoking. The Never Lights and the Green Puffer brands of smokeless cigarettes only omit a harmless odorless vapor that does not create any problem for non-smokers. These smoking devices will not set off smoke or carbon monoxide detectors.

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