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E-Cigarette Comparison: ProSmoke vs Eon Smoke

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When making an ecig comparison several factors must be considered such as price, water vapor production and the ongoing maintenance requirements. Two of the top electronic cigarettes currently being sold are the ProSmoke and the Eon Smoke. They are both available in a convenient starter kit that contains one package of disposable cartridges in your choice of flavor, two batteries, a wall charger and a USB charger. The ProSmoke starter kit is priced $20 less making it a more attractive choice; at first.

ProSmoke: E-Cigarette Goodness Consists out of Three Parts

e-cigarettes, ProSmoke, replacement cartridges Pro SmokeThe ProSmoke electronic cigarettes have a three part design using a lithium battery, atomizer, and a cartridge. The cartridge contains a nicotine solution with a vegetable glycerin base that does provide slightly more water vapor than the Eon Smoke. Battery life is increased through the use of a low resistance atomizer, however, a replacement atomizer costs $13 and will add up to expensive maintenance costs. Atomizers can be removed and cleaned with a special solution to help extend their life span, it must be completely dry before it can be used again. To save money the cartridges can be refilled with any flavored nicotine solution, but, process can be messy and after a while it becomes a tedious chore.

Eon Smoke: Go for Quality

Eon Smoke reviewWhile the Eon Smoke electronic cigarettes are slightly more expensive, it proves it’s worth by utilizing a two part design consisting of a lithium battery and a cartomizer. The most commonly replaced part on an e-cig is the atomizer, due to build up of sediment, it usually requires replacement every six to eight weeks, depending on the amount of usage. The Eon Smoke has been engineered to avoid this problem by combining the atomizer and cartridge into a single unit called a cartomizer. Readers of our site have acknowledged that these e-cigarettes truely offer top quality in the Eon Smoke reviews they submitted on our site.

It does not need the periodic cleaning associated with a standard atomizer since it is replaced when the supply of the nicotine solution is used up. The nicotine solution has a propylene glycol base that can cause some minor throat irritation for smokers who are used to smoking light cigarettes. Eon Smoke offers standard menthol and a few blended tobacco flavored cartomizers, they also have a variety of exotic flavors like chocolate, coffee, peppermint and mango available.

The Eon Smoke is the superior choice for someone who wants an electric cigarette that doesn’t need complicated maintenance procedures. Although it requires a more expensive initial investment, when combined with bulk discounts available for cartomizers and free USPS shipping on all US orders, it becomes clear that this is one of the top electronic cigarettes on the market.

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