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E-Cigarette Comparison: SmokeStik vs Dragonfly E-Cig

Smokestik, electronic cigarettes, best ecigarette, e-cigs VS Dragonfly E-Cigs starter kit

The major difference between the SmokeStik and the Dragonfly E-Cig is that the Dragonfly E-Cig contains liquid nicotine exclusively. SmokeStik is a somewhat different product. It can be used without the use of nicotine. Both products eliminate chemicals produced from a burning element and instead offer a stream of cool vapor, made from liquid glycerin, propylene glycol and food grade flavorings that are activated by an atomizer in the cartridge.

Dragonfly E-Cigs starter kitNicotine flavor can be added to the SmokeStik, but can also be used independently from the nicotine liquid. While SmokeStik can be used without nicotine, there is a choice of flavor and adding nicotine to the vapor if you wish. Dragonfly E-Cigs (reviews of this brand) also claims to eliminate the burning of tobacco required for a regular cigarette and instead claims to deliver doses of liquid nicotine without burning tobacco and eliminating some of the harmful byproducts of smoking tobacco while still delivering the tobacco to the user. Much the same as nicotine gum or nicotine patches are delivery systems designed to help people curb their tobacco addictions while eliminating the smoke, Dragonfly E-Cigs are similar to these products.

Celebrity Endorsements for Made in the USA

Smokestik, electronic cigarettes, best ecigarette, e-cigsSmokeStik (reviews of this brand) offers a slightly different aspect and has been endorsed by quite a few celebrities. SmokeStik advertises that their product is made in the US as opposed to overseas production of other similar products like Dragonfly E-Cigs that are manufactured in China.

Price Points

The starter kits respectively for each brand are the royale starter kit from SmokeStik that comes with a free carry case and a USB charger that fits into your computer. The price for the SmokeStik royale is $99.00 as opposed to the Dragonfly e-cig Joye 510 starter kit at $49.00. It comes in a regular kit as well as a mega starter kit with a $10.00 difference in price. The Mega Joye 510 starter kit comes with 2 atomizers and 2 batteries to insure the e-cig will be charged when you need it.

Quitting or Coping

Either product will deliver the feeling and sensation of smoking a real cigarette, while supplying a steady stream of nicotine to help curb cravings and lessen your cigarette consumption or help you quit completely. For people who wish to continue smoking, either brand is a convenient choice when smoking a regular cigarette is banned or forbidden.

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