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E-Cigarette Comparison: SmokeTip vs Smokeless Delite

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While there are plenty of e-cigarette brands to choose from, two of the more popular e-cigarette brands are Smokeless Delite (customer reviews) and SmokeTip (customer reviews). The real question is how do you distinguish between the two to figure out which brand is best for your e-cigarette needs? Read through this e-cigarette comparison to take a close look at where these two popular brands differ the most.

Both e-cigarettes operate on the same premise and both offer standard features like lifetime warranties and cheap e-cigarette prices. At first glance, however, there is a striking difference between the look of the two e-cigarettes. While SmokeTip most closely resembles a real cigarette, Smokeless Delite offers a trendier look to their cigarettes. You can go with a black, silver or pink cigarette, as well as the traditional white.

Logo of Smokeless Delite

Secondly, SmokeTip has traditional looking filters as well as color-coded cartridges. The color corresponds to the flavor of the cartridges. Smokers Delite simply offers standard color cigarette cartridges.

Speaking of flavors, you’ll also notice that SmokeTip offers 19 flavors, including strawberry, clove, chocolate, grape, orange, as well as regular tobacco, menthol and Marlboro flavored cowboy cartridges. Smokeless Delite, while offering 4 different strengths to their flavors (high, medium, etc., etc.) only offers 5 different flavors.

Lastly, you’ll want to look at the offerings that both e-cigarette companies have when it comes to the different starter packages. You’ll find that these packages are very different.

Holding an e-cig from SmokeTipSmokeless Delite offers the Pleasure Starter Pack. This package comes with one battery or electronic cigarette, a wall charger, an atomizer and two nicotine flavor cartridges packages. This package starts at $29.95.

The SmokeTip package includes rechargeable lithium batteries, two in total, a wall charger, USB charger and 5 cartridges. While this includes roughly double the product you’ll find in the Pleasure package, it’s priced at $59.95.

SmokeTip only offers this one package while Smokeless Delite offers 4 other packages, including the Joy kit for $49.95, the Elation starter kit for $69.95 and the Premo Deluxe and Premo Edition kit for $69.95 and $89.95 respectively.

Logo of SmokeTip

It’s fair to say that these products certainly differ to certain degrees. However, one thing that these two e-cigarette brands have in common is the ability to help you replace harmful cigarettes with something free of toxins. In addition, you’ll save more money over traditional cigarettes. Both brands offer fine cigarette alternatives. It’s up to you to weigh the differences and pick which brand will best serve you.

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