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E-Cigarette Comparison: Volcano Ecig vs Smoke 51

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If you have decided to give up smoking tobacco once and for all, you have made the best decision of your life. By switching to the electronic cigarette, your chances of giving up tobacco for good are outstanding. The success rate of this device is phenomenal. Of course, the next step is deciding which electronic cigarette to purchase. Which ones are the best? The short answer to this question is that the best e-cigarette is the one you will use. The most important part of the e-cigarette is that you stop using tobacco. Having said that, there are good points that one brand will have over another. The Volcano Ecig and Smoke Fifty One (or Smoke 51) are both examples of good products.

The Volcano E-Cigarette

Volcano Ecig, e-cigarettes, ecig starter kitThis is one of the top electronic cigarettes on the market; their starter kit is one of the best that you will find and contains everything that you will need. They have a wide variety of flavors, but for someone who has just given up cigarettes, you will want the tobacco flavor. You will also want one of the fuels with nicotine. The Volcano Ecig comes with either an eight or 16-milligram dosage of nicotine. After you have gotten used to the standard product you can try their new Lava tube Inferno. This is a three-piece unit. The standard e-cigarette from Volcano is a two-piece unit that consists of a battery and a cartomizer. This is the easiest way to begin using an electronic cigarette and is highly recommended.

Smoke Fifty One

Smoke 51, electronic cigarettes, e-cigarette, ecig, Fifty-OneSmoke 51 has both the two-piece and three-piece unit that comes with everything a beginning e-smoker needs. They have both the cartomizer two-piece starter kit that is called the Express Kit. They also have a trio atomizer starter kit. This is a three-piece unit. Again, it is better for a first time user to user to try the two piece version.

Which is better?

Regardless of what you choose to buy, shop around the Internet for coupon codes. The Volcano tends to be a little cheaper, but that is an average and doesn’t reflect any coupon codes. If you have a good coupon use it. Smoke fifty One has more levels of nicotine available to make it easier to quit. But the highest dosage is eight milligrams. The Volcano has a cartridge with a large 16-milligram dosage, so it might be best to start with the Volcano if you are a heavy smoker.

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