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E-Cigarettes and Their Effects On Your Weight

Weight loss by smoking?The use of tobacco by way of smoking is the most preventable cause of global deaths. This happens when cancerous infections happen to the body. Therefore most of those who smoke when they learn of the consequences will try to quit smoking. It may be either voluntary or involuntary. Involuntary quitting is only induced by the doctor, while voluntary is done after self understanding. Any of these can lead to the use of electronic cigarette to change the smoking habit.

The E-Cigarette – Just a Gadget?

The electronic cigarette is a non-smoke cigarette that allows a smoker to smoke without exhaling smelly smoke. They come from different companies with varying designs. They are electronic, as the name reads, but contain no smoke nor the poisonous substances found in the conventional cigarette. They are part of the healthy options to the smokers. They accrue several benefits ranging from short term to long term.

Weight Loss or Weight Gain?

Losing weight through the e-cigaretteOne of the benefits of quitting smoking through the use of electronic cigarettes is the gaining of weight. On the short term, one gains weight as the flow of blood and pressure in back to normal. There is normal and abnormal weight gain. Gaining weight excessively is abnormal in the short term. This may be one of the health problems associated with quitting smoking. As one goes through the process of recovery from the use of nicotine available from the cigarette, gradual weight gain that is proportional takes place. Smoking will burn more than 200 calories for a single day. Also, nicotine acts as an appetite suppressant. Low appetite means that, one is not able to consume as enough calories as they are burnt. This is advised as an effect to watch and accept.

Consequential Weight Loss

The other side of quitting smoking is weight loss. It’s the opposite of gaining weight. It all depends with how your body was before you quit smoking. A smoker who is overweight will lose weight as consequences of healthy eating and suppressing overeating. Therefore, weight loss solely depends on one’s size before you quit smoking.

Electronic cigarettes have been advocated for by anti-smoking groups as the best alternative for conventional cigarettes. They are becoming common to smokers as smoking is a habit that has become a disease. Therefore the market is flooding with all models of and designs of electronic cigarettes for all those who wish to stop smoking.

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