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How About an E-Cigarette as a Father’s Day Gift?

Smoking an e-cigaretteThere is a terrible stereotype about the horrible gifts dads get for Father’s Day such as ugly ties or handkerchiefs. Meanwhile, the mothers get useful and often beautiful gifts that they love. This year, get your dad something that he can actually use. There are plenty of gift ideas out there, but if he’s a smoker, nothing may be more useful than an e-cigarette starter kit.

What is an Electronic Cigarette?

An electronic cigarette is an electronic version of the real deal. It is shaped just like a real cigarette but there is no smoke or tobacco. Instead, there is a liquid that is in each cartridge that is heated by a small battery in the device. The heat makes it warm and produces a light vapor that many smokers find pleasing and a good substitute for a real cigarette.

How the Electronic Cigarette Works

After being charged, the battery heats the atomizer and produces the vapor that gets inhaled. No smoke is exhaled, so there is no smell. It can be smoked indoors without violating most non-smoking rules. It can help smokers quit by gradually stepping down the strength of the vapor. From heavy to medium, medium to light, you can lower the level of nicotine at your own pace until you are no longer addicted.

The Smokeless Delite E-Cigarette Starter Kit

Smokeless Delite, smokeless cigarettes, Smokelessdelite.comA good starter kit will contain everything you need to get started. The Smokeless Delite kit has everything including the battery, charger, atomizer, and cartridges. The strength and flavor of the cartridges is completely up to you. Some kits come with a USB charger and case for those who want to be able to charge everything indoors at a computer.

Why This is a Good Father’s Day Gift Idea

If your father smokes, this makes a great gift because it can be used indoors without producing the smoke that some find offensive or are even allergic to. It won’t leave a lingering smell in clothes, furniture, draperies or other linens. During work hours when he may not be able to escape outside, your dad can still enjoy a smoke break.

Of course, if your dad wants to quit, this can help him do that. Quitting smoking is never easy, but it can save your father’s life. The gift of life might just be the best Father’s Day gift you could possibly give him.

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