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Interview on Premium E-Cigarettes and Superb Customer Service with White Cloud Cigarettes

Logo of White Cloud CigarettesWhite Cloud Cigarettes wants to do more than just selling e-cigarettes. Not only does this premium brand want to produce and sell some of the best electronic cigarettes available, it also wants to be famous for its extraordinary customer service. To discover what makes White Cloud Cigarettes’ customer service so great, we did an interview with the company’s Head of Customer Care Patti Ray. Not only did we find out more about the company’s top-notch customer care; we also discovered quite a few interesting bits about the company itself as well.

Could you tell us a bit more about yourself, and what you do at White Cloud Cigarettes?

Patti Ray from White Cloud CigarettesMy name is Patti Ray and I am the Corporate Administrator and Head of Customer Care for White Cloud. I have been with White Cloud for 3 years and I assist my team to offer amazing customer experiences and help them create that moment of magic during each and every contact we have with our customers. I also help administer and manage corporate policies and procedures. I have an active role in most departments of White Cloud. I saw a White Cloud retail location 3 years ago and after speaking with the representative I thought to myself I want to be a part of this new industry and White Cloud. I just had that good feeling about it and I can’t think of any better decision I’ve made than to work for White Cloud and be part of this great company.

Are you a smoker yourself? If so, what is your favorite e-cigarette and your favorite flavor?

I was a 27 year 2 pack a day smoker and now I vape! My favorite e-cigarette is the Cirrus 3X with our new crystal tip because it lasts the longest and I am a heavy user, so the longer lasting battery is better for me. Plus the new crystal tip is very “pretty”! My favorite flavor is our Menthol flavor. I do enjoy our Snap, Bad Apple, and Peach Pitt as well.

The menthol flavor by White Cloud Cigarettes

What makes White Cloud’s e-cigarettes so good?

This is definitely our quality and service. We make sure our customers have high quality products that work and that meet and exceed their expectations. Our SmoothDraw cartridges have a very easy draw or pull, the flavors are phenomenal, they last the longest, and our batteries charge in half the time as our competitors. Plus we have over 20 corporate owned retail locations for one-on-one personal assistance.

Also our team is not here to just have a job and earn a paycheck. We care about our customers and love changing lives and saving lives every day.

Why did you start selling electronic cigarettes?

The owners of White Cloud Cigarettes were seeking a product that was in its infancy, and was a game changer. Electronic cigarettes are just that, and the product has exceeded expectations from naysayers and believers alike. The owners said they thought it was one of the most revolutionary products they had ever seen, and knew the potential from day one. They were tired of the “quit or die” mentality that surrounds cigarette smoking, and knew they could provide an amazing alternative to tobacco cigarette smokers that didn’t require them to “quit”. The life changing comments received on a daily basis from customers, are not only extremely gratifying, but awe-inspiring. We change lives in a meaningful way, every single day.

Why should people who want to try an e-cigarette buy one of your ecigs?

Cirrus 3 starter kit by White CloudBecause our quality is so high the investment they make in our product will be their last. Time and time again we hear customers complain that they have tried other brands only to be disappointed and have spent hundreds of dollars doing so. With our warranty, service and quality they will not be disappointed. Our prices have dropped significantly due to increases in quality control and customer service and we have kits that apply to all budgets. We are the first and last brand that customers should choose.

What are the core values of your company?

Without a doubt integrity. We believe in offering the most accurate information about us, our products and the industry. We don’t have to “fluff” information to look good and we don’t have to skew information in our favor because we are and will continue to be everything we say we are. Highest quality, highest nicotine levels, exceptional customer care and the best warranty.

What makes the customer service of your online store so good?

We have a dedicated team that truly cares about our customers’ experience. We watch for mistakes on orders and correct them right away. We read every note and respond accordingly and offer helpful information for their future ordering needs. We also answer all emails and voice mails that come in during our business hours usually within minutes! Most orders ship the same day and customers can receive their orders the very next day. It is important when a customer is ready to try e-cigs and commit that they receive their kit fast and can begin as soon as possible. We are proactive when it comes to our customers and their needs, not reactive.

What does the future hold for White Cloud Cigarettes?

The future is unlimited for a White Cloud because we are at that level of service of continual customer amazement and the quality of products that we bring to the industry is 2nd to none. We are innovators and will continue to lead the industry and bring the highest level of customer expectations to fruition.

Have any neat e-cigarette related tips for our readers?

Ecig starter kit by White Cloud CigarettesFor those new to the e-cig trying it out once or twice won’t get you there. You have to keep moving forward to reach your goal to no longer use tobacco. The best advice I can give is each tobacco cigarette you do not smoke is true achievement and deserves recognition. Keep going and pat yourself on the back for a job well done. That day will come when you can say; “I don’t smoke anymore!”. Millions are achieving that goal and so can you.

How would you describe White Cloud in one powerful sentence?

White Cloud gives smokers a breath of fresh air!

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