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Interview with Marni Mutrux about V2 Cigs’ Top-Notch E-Cigarettes

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Marni Mutrux, content director at V2 Cigs, was kind enough to take some time to answer a few of our Q&A/interview questions for our series of interviews here at Electronic Cigarette Review. Being an avid e-smoker himself, he and the rest of the V2 team do their utmost best to deliver the best quality electronic cigarette possible. They were one of the early starters in this industry and have grown out to become one of the largest brands, mainly because of their well-built e-cigarettes and decent e-liquids. V2 Cigs is determined to make electronic cigarettes a product regulated by the FDA, and are therefore cooperating with other manufacturers to try and get that regulation through. We can of course only support this, and would love to see more top e-cigarette brands do efforts to get ecigs regulated. Find out more about V2 Cigs and its plans for the future in this interview.

What makes your brand’s e-cigarettes so good?

Our e-cigs produce the most vapour in the industry, with the best throat hit. Also, we do extensive safety testing on our e-liquids and all of our electrical components to ensure quality and consistency.

Why did your company start selling electronic cigarettes?

V2 Cigs e-liquid testsWe really believe in the product and saw that there was a definite need in the industry for a top-quality e-cig.

Why should people who want to try an e-cigarette buy a starter kit of your brand?

Put simply, we’re the best. From our batteries to our selection of e-liquids, V2 Cigs are unmatched in value. We are also virtually the only e-cig company with batch test reports available for every one of our products.

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What are the core values of your company?

Our priority is creating a top-calibre product. We are paving the way for the rest of the industry with rigorous self-regulation. We hold ourselves and our product to the very highest standards.

What makes the customer service of your online store so good?

V2 flavor cartridgesOur customer service personnel are incredibly familiar with our products and are able to assist with nearly any issue or question a customer may have. They are patient and go out of their way to make sure the customer’s needs have been met.

What’s your personal favourite e-cigarette?

Everyone’s taste is different, but as a former Parliament smoker; I think Congress is our best! (I’m puffing away on a Congress Medium right now!)

What does the future hold for your brand?

There are many exciting things on the horizon for V2 Cigs. One thing we’re particularly looking forward to is better industry regulation. We have united with several other e-cig manufacturers to work with the Food and Drug Administration in hopes of standardizing the electronic cigarette marketplace.

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