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Interview with Victory Electronic Cigarettes’ CEO and Office Manager

Victory Electronic CigarettesIt’s time for a new interview on Electronic Cigarette Review, and this time we managed to get ahold of Marc Hardgrove and Ana Mesa, the CEO and Office Manager of Victory Electronic Cigarettes LLC. People who are new to electronic cigarettes might have first heard about the brand through a Groupon or HomeRun deal, which Victory sometimes does to introduce smokers to their tobaco cigarette alternative.

The interview gives a nice overview of what Victory is all about, and why the two CEO’s of the company decided to found an e-cigarette brand.

What makes your brand’s e-cigarettes so good?

I think our brand, compared to what is out there on the market, offers one of the best quality products, all around. Our nicotine flavors, to me, are the closest mimic to different available tobacco products. At Victory, we are constantly trying to improve on our company, providing the best manufacturing, while trying to set a standard in our customer service department.

Why did your company start selling electronic cigarettes?

The 2 CEO’s of Victory, Marc Hardgrove and Paul Simon, have both experienced a grave loss due to tobacco cigarette smoking; because of these tragedies, when they learned of a healthier substitute in e-cigarettes, they decided to provide a product that could help.

Why should people who want to try an e-cigarette buy a starter kit of your brand?

Every one wants to save a dollar these days and we have one of the lowest priced e-cigarettes in this industry while not compromising our product quality. Switching to Victory can save our users on average up to $1500 a year. This company will work hard for your business and do our utmost to please our customers.

Smoking Victory Ecigarettes

What are the core values of your company?

Victory is passionate about providing a healthier smoking alternative. Here’s two important elements that lay in the core of our company:

  • Customer Service: We treat every customer on an individual basis and strive to completely satisfy them.
  • Product Quality: We want to have the best flavors, and the highest grade of product at the lowest price.

What makes the customer service of your online store so good?

Victory’s customers are of the highest priority. We will go above and beyond in order to make sure every single customer is entirely satisfied. Our customer service staff is constantly trying to create ways to insure our customer’s experience with us is the best one possible.

What’s your personal favorite e-cigarette brand?


What does the future hold for your brand?

We are trying to expand and educate as many people as we can on this healthy alternative. We hope to continue developing and improving on our product line. Look out for the great things to come from Victory E-Cigs.

Do you have some good tips for people who want to quit smoking using one of your e-cigarettes?

A starter kit by Victory Electronic CigarettesIf a customer decides to use us as a quitting device, we offer different levels of nicotine so that you can gradually wean yourself off of tobacco. Start at our regular level (16mg of nicotine), step down to the low level (8mg of nicotine), and, when your are ready, we have a 0 nicotine cartridge which still contains the entire flavor without the addiction. Give our product a try, use it, and we are confident you will see results, not only in the improvement of smell in your home, car, and clothing, but as well as in your wallet.

How would you describe your e-cigarette brand in one powerful sentence?

Victory E-cigs, a stylish, healthy, tasty, and clean alternative to cigarettes, is an amazing product, offering excellent customer service, while providing positive results.

Big thanks to Marc and Ana for doing this interview with us. It learned us a couple of neat insights into the company and its beliefs!

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