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My E-Cigarette Story: “My Entire Family is Safe from Second-Hand Smoke Now”

I was a bit skeptical when my sister purchased an electronic cigarette and insisted that I try it. She isn’t a heavy smoker, and I figured, though it may work for her, it probably would not do anything for me. I had been smoking for nearly ten years, but I reluctantly gave in and took a few drags of her e-cig. I was surprised by the feel of it, and the taste was not bad either. I told my boyfriend that I believe e-cigs could save us money and our health, and so he went out and purchased one for each of us. He brought home the Mistic brand e-cigarettes, which are bigger, heavier, and stronger than the brand I tried at my sister’s.

Lady smoking an e-cigarette by Mistic

We have been smoking our Mistics for almost a year now. I thought smoking e-cigs was going to be like smoking air, but the vapors provide a similar feel to smoke. When I inhale, I can feel them in my mouth and throat the same way I can feel smoke from a real cigarette. The vapors are also visible when exhaling. The nicotine in electronic cigarettes satisfies my cravings the same way, as well. I love how the red tips light up whenever I take a drag, making the smoking experience all the more realistic.

One awesome thing about switching to electronic ones, is noticing all the money we have been saving. For starters, we no longer need to purchase lighters or lighter fluid, flints, and wicks. The electronic cigarette is conveniently available to smoke without needing to find a source of fire. We charge them when we are sleeping, and then we are good to go for the rest of the day. We save over 200 dollars a month just by not buying expensive cigarettes and purchasing replacement cartridges instead. We pay around 15 dollars for a pack of five refills, which lasts one of us close to a month.

Electronic cigarettes by MisticThe Mistics do take some getting used to. At first, my e-cig was a little awkward to hold because it is made of hard plastic and weighs more. It is also thicker than traditional cigarettes and is usually cooler to the touch. Before I knew it, I forgot the differences and panicked when I dropped it on my sofa, thinking it was going to burn a hole. One of the many pros of electronic cigarettes is that they are safe to set down just about anywhere.

Electronic cigarettes do not contain all those gross and harmful ingredients found in tobacco-smoking cigarettes, and I love not having to worry about smells and being able to smoke in places that are now forbidden. Not only am I healthier but also, by living in a smoke-free home, my entire family is safe from the dangers of second-hand smoke. That is the best part.

By T.D.

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