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Alex Paschalides on Jet Cigs’ Delicious US-Made Flavors and The Future of E-Cigs

Logo of Jet CigsAlex and the rest of the Jet Cigs started their business by selling high-quality flavored cartomizers that are compatible with different e-cig models, and recently launched their own electronic cigarette. We wanted to learn more about what motivates this ambitious team and found out more about Jet Cigs’ plans for the future. They are convinced that e-cigarettes will become entirely accepted, and are preparing for when more people will want to make the switch to vaping on ecigs. Alex also gives us a sneak hint at which new US-made flavors they will be launching soon and what else they have in mind for the future.

Can you tell us who you are and what do you do at Jet Cigs?

My name is Alex Paschalides, I am one of the co-founders of Jet Cigs. I handle all the financial, legal, and business development matters of the company. Prior to Jet, I worked in hedge funds and private equity and am a graduate of the Wharton School.

You guys started selling refill cartomizers and are now getting into ecig starter kits as well. Why did you decide to make this step?

We realized that it was better for converting customers to our brand that have not yet purchased any electronic cigarette product. It was also crucial for expanding into brick-and-mortar, which is a very important sales channel for us. (more…)

Top 5 E-Cigarette Brands in the UK

Most of the brands listed on our website’s review section are US-based brands that only ship products in the US. We do have customer reviews for some of the most popular UK-based electronic cigarette brands, and recently did a blogpost about our favorite UK e-cigarette related sites. Here, we are going to discuss our top five brands of e-cigarettes in the UK. Each brand has its own unique features and you might find some features more appealing than others.

An E-Lites starter kit

E-Lites: A Longer Lasting E-Cigarette

With the E-Lites brand, you can get more hits out of your e-cigarettes. This is due to the patented heating element that replaces the atomizer. They claim that you can get an incredible 400 puffs per tip compared to 300 hits for other brands. This is the equivalent of smoking 40 cigarettes. (more…)

How To Learn More About E-Cigarettes

Woman smoking an electronic cigaretteThe world is quickly discovering the advantages of the e-cigarette and as such there are a number of ways to learn more about this excellent innovation in traditional smoking alternatives. One of the quickest and easiest ways to discover as much as possible and as fast as possible about the highly innovative e-cig is perhaps through e-cigarette review sites that offer striking reviews and breakdowns of a variety of brands and models of e-cigs. New designs in e-cigarettes with the latest new features are quickly coming to market, and e-cigarette review sites are one of the best ways to stay at the cutting edge of e-cig industry. (more…)

How To Prevent Your Kids from Using Your E-Cigarette

Dad, a kid and an e-cigaretteAn electronic cigarette can provide you with numerous health and social benefits. However, if you share your home with children, you should enjoy these benefits with caution and care. Anytime you bring something new into your home, your kids no doubt will flock to it with curious eyes. They want to see how it works and perhaps even try it out for themselves.

With some things, you may happily allow your children to explore the depths of their curiosity. While electronic cigarettes are a preferred alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes, they do still contain nicotine, which is highly addictive. The flavored cartridge, unique glow and other features can make the desire to try an e-cigarette irresistible to kids, so you should take steps on your own to prevent your kids from using them. (more…)

Tips for Producing More Vapor With Your E-Cigarette

E-cigarette producing lots of smokePuffing on your electronic cigarette over time can often lead to a weak first puff, delivering very little vapors. While this is a common problem, there are some things that you can do to get the most out of the atomizer and e-cigarette. To get your electronic cigarette working like new again, here are some things you may want to try:

Warm the Atomizer Up Properly

When storing your e-cigarette, never let the atomizer get too cold. If cold, you will find that most of the time you will get a lot less vapor compared to an electronic cigarette that is fully warmed up. To avoid this, keep the e-cigarette out of your car or in places that reach extreme temperatures.

Get it Flowing Properly

Before you even start puffing away; don’t take a hit just yet. Instead, allow it to warm up and give it a few big puffs as if you were smoking a cigar. By doing this, you’re going to allow the atomizer to fire up properly. What you will quickly find is that you can get a lot more vapor afterwards. As you smoke, keep in mind that stronger puffs will lead to more vapors.

Don’t Let it Run Low on Juice

As you may already know, an atomizer will have to be switched out any time the juice level gets low. You will know it’s time to switch out the atomizer when you puff for a few minutes and a hint of water vapors come out. This is a good sign that the atomizer needs to be switched out. If you’re finding that one e-liquid doesn’t work, it may be best to try another brand or type.

E-cigarette promoting lots of vapor

It’s Time to Charge!

Like most electronics, many work the best when they are fully charged. The same can be said about electronic cigarettes. Before you take a puff, always make sure that your cigarette is fully charged. If it’s low on power, you may find that it won’t work the way you want it to. For those who want can’t wait, it’s wise that you consider buying an extra set of batteries just to be sure that you always have full vaping power at your disposal.

As time goes on, you will quickly learn how to become a professional with your smoking. By applying some of the tips mentioned above, you will quickly find ways to produce more vapors for your electronic cigarette.

Why Should You Buy Your E-Cigarette Online?

Smoking an e-cigaretteMore and more smokers are considering giving the e-cigarette a try, and the first place they go to for purchasing their first (disposable) e-cigarette is usually the good old tobacco store. It’s definitely the case that e-cigarettes can be found in many smoke shops, but you will not find better discounts than online. Why should you order online you may ask? Number one, it’s cheaper! That’s always a bonus. You can easily compare prices from website to website, and you can also check out the reviews from that particular website. (more…)

E-Cigarette Comparison: Revolver Electronic Cigarettes vs The Safe Cig

Revolver Ecig starter kit VS Starter kit by The Safe Cig

Revolver Electronic Cigarettes and The Safe Cig, both are proud American electronic cigarette brands that want to excel by delivering high-quality e-cigarette products to all types of smokers. Even though they both have the same aims, there are some interesting differences between their products and styles. That is why in this comparison, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at both brands to see how they compare to each other. (more…)

Can an E-Cigarette Really Explode?

E-cigarette battery

E-cigarettes are a popular new way of smoking and are considered safer than real cigarettes. There have been rumors going around that e-cigarettes can explode. There has been a case where this has happened, but the chances of this are low. The only thing that caused the explosion was a faulty battery. It was not the e-cigarette itself.

Faulty Batteries?

There have been reported cases of toys and electronics exploding all over the world due to faulty batteries. An e-cigarette has about as much chance of exploding as an electronic remote control car or any other electronic out there that runs on batteries. This is known as a freak accident and it may happen everywhere. If you are worried about an e-cigarette exploding on you, then you may also worry about electronic toothbrushes, children’s toys, shavers, and other miscellaneous house objects exploding as well because the chances are the same. (more…)

Vapor Couture: Very Sexy New E-Cigarette for Women Only

Woman holding an e-cigaretteV2 Cigs has launched a brand new e-cigarette for women only, called ‘Vapor Couture’. And the runway-ready, premium brand is already turning heads. Not only does the super slim e-cigarette for women look stylish and hip, the flavors are sassy-strong with Bomb Shell and Rodeo Drive, or sweet, too, with Strawberry Champagne, Arctic Mint, Passion Fruit, and Fresh Mint. And women can’t stop raving about the ‘really lush vapors.’

It’s a long and lean look designed exclusively for the ladies, complete with fab, faceted crystal tips. And like you choose your shoes and your bag, you can also glamorize your Vapor Couture e-cigarette to complement your individual style. There are four VC flavor cartridge patterns and four VC battery patterns to mix or match from: Purple, Rose Gold, Brushed Platinum, and VC White Signature. (more…)

Jet Cigs: Unique, High Quality Flavors in a Convenient Pre-filled Cartomizer

Flavored cartomizers by Jet Cigs

Jet Cigs recently introduced their productline of cartomizers in different interesting flavors to us. As Alex Paschalides tells in this article, the folks at Jet Cigs got bored of all the classic flavors available in cartomizer formats such as the tobacco, menthol and chocolate ones. The result is that they started brewing their own e-liquids and are now producing them in cartomizers that are compatible with many different e-cigarette models such as in the e-cigarettes sold by blu Cigs, ProVape and Volcano. They wanted the flavor of their favorite e-liquids, and the ease of use of cartomizers. Thus, Jet Cigs was born to fill a gap in the market. (more…)

V2 Cigs E-Cigarettes