The Worlds Most Advanced E-Cigarette Battery

What Do Consumers Say About the E-Cigarette?

New V2 e-cigarette starter kit Consumers can rely on e-cigarette reviews to learn more about these products. Many smokers and non-smokers enjoy the flavor and experience of e-cigarettes. These products feature nicotine that is blended with a flavored liquid. The water vapor produced by these e-cigarettes creates a true smoking experience, and the nicotine liquid ensures that cravings are satisfied. Consumer reports show there are virtually no complaints about V2 Cigs. These e-cigarettes come in a range of flavors and create the most realistic smoking experience. (more…)

The True Power of Variable Voltage E-Cigarettes

E-cigarettes with variable voltage

If you have done much research into electronic cigarettes, you’ve probably found there are endless choices available. E-cigarettes are available in rainbows of colors, a number of different sizes and with selections of flavors to rival any tobacco shop (or bakery).
The technology of electronic cigarettes is also expanding at a steady pace. The devices perform better and last longer than models of just a year or two ago. One of the more interesting developments is the variable voltage e-cigarette. (more…)

E-Cigarette Comparison: SkyCig vs My Freedom Smokes

My Freedom Smokes reviews VS Sky Cig reviews

With so much attention worldwide being paid to cigarettes and all of the harm that can come from them, the electronic cigarette revolution seems to be taking off big. With so much talk about which cartomizer is the best, and how much refill cartridges cost when compared to good, old fashioned cigarettes it can be easy to get caught up and confused by all the hype. So let’s start simple; SkyCig versus MyFreedomSmokes, the English vs. American brand of e-cigs. (more…)

Should Non-Smokers Use Electronic Cigarettes?

Non-smokers using electronic cigarettes?

The debate over e-cigarettes has been intense ever since their popularity began to soar in the mid-2000’s. Many smokers have been among their most enthusiastic converts.

Flavored E-Juice: A Matter of Taste

Some smokers claim to enjoy the variety of flavors made possible by different uses of e-liquid (i.e., flavored e-juice,) while others have made the switch to nicotine free e-cigarettes for health reasons. With respect to the first point, there’s no question that there are more flavors available for e-cigarettes than the traditional variety, especially after the FDA banned flavored cigarettes in 2009. Some kinds of flavored e-juice include vanilla, coffee, cola, and even daiquiris and desserts. Such e-liquid is sold in bottled form and can be used to refill e-cigarette cartridges. (more…)

E-Cigarette Comparison: Vapor King vs LiteCigUSA

Vapor King starter kit VS LiteCigUSA reviews

Not all E-cigarette companies are high quality when it comes to taste and satisfaction, which is why it is important to make comparisons before purchasing the best one. For example, Vapor King versus LiteCigUSA both have received rave reviews and five stars, but when it comes to spending hard earned money, a starter kit should offer a variety of flavors, smoking satisfaction, cost friendly, and be as close to an authentic cigarette as much as possible without all the harmful effects. (more…)

E-Liquid: What’s in It?

E-liquid with strawberry flavorSmoke-free cigarettes are a worldwide phenomenon. These electronic cigarettes have been embraced as a Godsend by millions of people tired of tobacco based cigarettes. An important part of the electronic cigarette is e-juice or e-liquid. This e-liquid is transformed to flavored steam when the user sucks on the mouthpiece of the electronic cigarette. It gives the feeling smokers get from tobacco cigarettes but when the steam is exhaled it disappears leaving no second hand smoke. This has many users pleased. However, a popular question many have is ‘What’s in E-Liquid?‘. (more…)

Interview with Marni Mutrux about V2 Cigs’ Top-Notch E-Cigarettes

Logo of V2 Cigs

Marni Mutrux, content director at V2 Cigs, was kind enough to take some time to answer a few of our Q&A/interview questions for our series of interviews here at Electronic Cigarette Review. Being an avid e-smoker himself, he and the rest of the V2 team do their utmost best to deliver the best quality electronic cigarette possible. They were one of the early starters in this industry and have grown out to become one of the largest brands, mainly because of their well-built e-cigarettes and decent e-liquids. V2 Cigs is determined to make electronic cigarettes a product regulated by the FDA, and are therefore cooperating with other manufacturers to try and get that regulation through. We can of course only support this, and would love to see more top e-cigarette brands do efforts to get ecigs regulated. Find out more about V2 Cigs and its plans for the future in this interview.

What makes your brand’s e-cigarettes so good?

Our e-cigs produce the most vapour in the industry, with the best throat hit. Also, we do extensive safety testing on our e-liquids and all of our electrical components to ensure quality and consistency. (more…)

Interview with Victory Electronic Cigarettes’ CEO and Office Manager

Victory Electronic CigarettesIt’s time for a new interview on Electronic Cigarette Review, and this time we managed to get ahold of Marc Hardgrove and Ana Mesa, the CEO and Office Manager of Victory Electronic Cigarettes LLC. People who are new to electronic cigarettes might have first heard about the brand through a Groupon or HomeRun deal, which Victory sometimes does to introduce smokers to their tobaco cigarette alternative.

The interview gives a nice overview of what Victory is all about, and why the two CEO’s of the company decided to found an e-cigarette brand. (more…)

Experience the E-Cigarette With a Daily Deal

The invention of the electronic cigarette has been heralded by some people as the greatest thing since rolling papers. Flameless and smokeless, since all they produce is water vapor, these e-cigarettes can be used indoors without any worry about fire hazards or second hand smoke. But they can get expensive, especially if you’re buying all of the accouterments that you need to start up using electronic cigarettes. But if you’re a savvy smoker, you can keep your eyes open for a daily deal that will help you find your e-cigarette needs at a much lower price.

Be Careful With What You Buy

Groupon daily dealsThe Internet is literally filled with electronic cigarette deals. But before you decide to just buy whatever e-cig that’s currently cheapest, you should really read the reviews about the e-cigarette brand before you buy. After all, just because you have a Groupon that looks like a deal that’s too good to pass up, you need to be sure you aren’t just spending money so that you can feel like you saved it on your e-cigarette purchase. Paying less for something that you don’t need still doesn’t mean that you saved money, and it’s important to remember that. (more…)

E-Cigarette Comparison: Volcano Ecig vs Smoke 51

Volcano Ecig, e-cigarettes, ecig starter kit VS Smoke 51, electronic cigarettes, e-cigarette, ecig, Fifty-One

If you have decided to give up smoking tobacco once and for all, you have made the best decision of your life. By switching to the electronic cigarette, your chances of giving up tobacco for good are outstanding. The success rate of this device is phenomenal. Of course, the next step is deciding which electronic cigarette to purchase. Which ones are the best? The short answer to this question is that the best e-cigarette is the one you will use. The most important part of the e-cigarette is that you stop using tobacco. Having said that, there are good points that one brand will have over another. The Volcano Ecig and Smoke Fifty One (or Smoke 51) are both examples of good products. (more…)

The Worlds Most Advanced E-Cigarette Battery