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The Future of Bull Smoke Electronic Cigarette Brand

Logo of Bull SmokeBull Smoke recently reached out to our electronic cigarette review website with some exciting information. We’re happy to report there are some big changes at Bull Smoke. Below is an email sent in to us from Bull Smoke CEO Martin Giles updating us with some fantastic news about where their brand is headed for the rest of 2012.

His email is below…

Thanks for profiling our growing brand of electronic cigarettes. We’ve instructed our satisfied customers to visit sites like yours and leave feedback – good and bad – about our electronic cigarette brand. We’re happy for the listing on the site and glad you feel the way you do about our brand – we strive for excellence and every day we look to help someone make the switch to our wonderful products. (more…)

Interview with Green Smoke’s Gavin Zeitlin

Logo of Green SmokeWe recently had the honor to do a Q&A with Gavin Zeitlin, the content manager of Green Smoke, and managed to get some neat insights into Green Smoke’s products and values. Green Smoke, as you probably know, was one of the first brands of electronic cigarettes and remains one of the biggest brands in the scene today. Thousands of e-smokers prefer Green Smoke, as their electronic cigarettes simply work great and their refill liquids come in different, delicious flavors.

In the interview, Gavin also gives us the main reasons why you should prefer Green Smoke over other electronic cigarettes, and he goes on to reveal when their next innovative product will hit the market. (more…)

E-Cigarette Comparison: SmokeStik vs Dragonfly E-Cig

Smokestik, electronic cigarettes, best ecigarette, e-cigs VS Dragonfly E-Cigs starter kit

The major difference between the SmokeStik and the Dragonfly E-Cig is that the Dragonfly E-Cig contains liquid nicotine exclusively. SmokeStik is a somewhat different product. It can be used without the use of nicotine. Both products eliminate chemicals produced from a burning element and instead offer a stream of cool vapor, made from liquid glycerin, propylene glycol and food grade flavorings that are activated by an atomizer in the cartridge.

Dragonfly E-Cigs starter kitNicotine flavor can be added to the SmokeStik, but can also be used independently from the nicotine liquid. While SmokeStik can be used without nicotine, there is a choice of flavor and adding nicotine to the vapor if you wish. Dragonfly E-Cigs (reviews of this brand) also claims to eliminate the burning of tobacco required for a regular cigarette and instead claims to deliver doses of liquid nicotine without burning tobacco and eliminating some of the harmful byproducts of smoking tobacco while still delivering the tobacco to the user. Much the same as nicotine gum or nicotine patches are delivery systems designed to help people curb their tobacco addictions while eliminating the smoke, Dragonfly E-Cigs are similar to these products. (more…)

How About an E-Cigarette as a Father’s Day Gift?

Smoking an e-cigaretteThere is a terrible stereotype about the horrible gifts dads get for Father’s Day such as ugly ties or handkerchiefs. Meanwhile, the mothers get useful and often beautiful gifts that they love. This year, get your dad something that he can actually use. There are plenty of gift ideas out there, but if he’s a smoker, nothing may be more useful than an e-cigarette starter kit.

What is an Electronic Cigarette?

An electronic cigarette is an electronic version of the real deal. It is shaped just like a real cigarette but there is no smoke or tobacco. Instead, there is a liquid that is in each cartridge that is heated by a small battery in the device. The heat makes it warm and produces a light vapor that many smokers find pleasing and a good substitute for a real cigarette. (more…)

E-Cigarettes and Their Effects On Your Weight

Weight loss by smoking?The use of tobacco by way of smoking is the most preventable cause of global deaths. This happens when cancerous infections happen to the body. Therefore most of those who smoke when they learn of the consequences will try to quit smoking. It may be either voluntary or involuntary. Involuntary quitting is only induced by the doctor, while voluntary is done after self understanding. Any of these can lead to the use of electronic cigarette to change the smoking habit. (more…)

Safety Studies Of The Electronic Cigarette

One of the questions regarding electronic cigarettes since their introduction to the market is if they are safer to smoke than regular cigarettes. Smoking has been proven to be an unhealthy lifestyle choice but it may be safer to switch to electronic cigarettes if you are already a smoker for certain reasons. Though it is not healthy to smoke, the e-cigarettes offer some advantages in safety over smoking traditional cigarettes. On the other hand, electronic cigarettes are still nicotine products and any ingestion or inhalation of nicotine products is not seen as a healthy choice. (more…)

E-Cigarette Comparison: Never Light Again vs Green Puffer

Never Light Again, e-cigarette comparison VS Green Puffer e-cigarettes reviews

Kick the Habit With E-Smoking

In comparing the many (disposable) e-cigarettes available on the market, one that has received many positive reviews is the Never Light Again. These e-cigarettes are available for individual purchase at neighborhood stores and gas stations, as well as kits that make e-smoking more economical than smoking the traditional cigarettes. The Never Light Again e-cigarette is considered one of the top brands of e-cigarettes, and offer an excellent choice with their Executive Platinum package. Priced at $100, it is well worth the price, and equipped with enough e-liquids to make up what you get in four cartons of cigarettes. Two batteries of high quality are also part of the package, as well as chargers and cartomizers. (more…)

An in-depth look at Apollo E-Cig

Apollo E-Cigs logoWe already know that e-cigarettes are a safe and popular way to quit smoking, and the Apollo electronic cigarette is a great option for those in the US and the UK who want to quit or find new ways to safely enjoy their habit. E-cigs are perfect for people who have been told by their doctor that they need to quit but have found it difficult to do so. They allow users to get the nicotine their body craves without many of the dangerous side effects. (more…)

Celebrities Using Electronic Cigarettes

Leonardo Di Caprio and the e-cigaretteThe “social stigma” that has been associated with celebrity smokers has made these stars more aware of criticism they receive due to the fact they are considered “roles models of our generation.” On-lookers and observers view them with disgusting expressions, and make condescending comments, as a way to show their disapproval.

Celebrities are under enormous pressure to act as positive influences to portray themselves and their careers in a positive manner. Surprisingly enough, smokers whom we perceive as distinguished, have eliminated tobacco products for the replacement of vaporized, or “e-”cigarettes.

From Katherine Heigl to Britney Spears: Celebrity E-Cig Smokers

Katherine Heigl, who appeared on the “David Letterman Show” recently, and expressed how highly she thought of the e-cigarette. She even utilized it on the show. Heigl also said it is not detrimental to your health (though this is scientifically not proven), and this device is not offensive to the general public. She stated that the water vapor acts as a humidifier. (more…)

Five Things About Smoking You Didn’t Know

Negative effects of smokingThere is a lot of information available to consumers about smoking, but that doesn’t mean that you know everything about it. The dangers of second hand smoke, cancer and emphysema are commonly acknowledged, but there are a lot more effect then you might imagine.

1. Half of All Smokers will Die From Smoking Related Illnesses

While “only” a percentage of smokers will die of lung cancer, for every individual who dies from cancer, 5 others die from other smoking related diseases. On average smokers lose 15 years off of their lifespan. (more…)

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