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Give E-Smoking a Try with the Vapor King Storm Starter Kit

Vapor King e-cigarettesFor those who have made the decision to switch from tobacco smoking to an electronic cigarette, congratulations; you have made an outstanding decision. The moment you make the switch your health will begin to improve. The consequences of tobacco smoking will slowly diminish. You will breathe better, and in all likelihood, your life will be extended. (more…)

Quit Smoking With Electronic Cigarettes in 4 Steps

Quit smoking with e-cigarettesThe beauty of electronic cigarettes is that they can be smoked anywhere and they are said to be a healthier alternative for actual smoking of cigarettes (please note that this hasn’t been proven yet). The habit of smoking the legacy cigarette, that has second hand smoke to bother others living in or sharing the space can now stop. South Beach Smoke provides an effective alternative to many other quit smoking processes. (more…)

E-Cigarette Comparison: Lucky Slicks vs AltSmoke

AltSmoke reviews VS Lucky Slicks, Lucky e-cigarettes, Lucky cigs

How do you go about choosing an electronic cigarette brand? Like a fine wine, all electronic cigarettes have their own distinct personality. From flavor to the realistic experience, you have to find the one that fits your taste. As you start your electronic cigarette comparison, you should remember that you could express who you are with your choice, but one important factor to remember, they all basically work the same way. The real key differences depending on your brand choice, is total quality, overall durability and dependability of the product, and then what exactly has the things you love that set it apart for you. So let’s do an electronic cigarette comparison of Lucky Slicks and AltSmoke. (more…)

Green Smoke Loyalty Program And New Flavor Cartridges

Green Smoke Loyalty ProgramHave you been wanting to try the new electronic cigarette, but are not sure about which product to choose. Green Smoke is one of the leaders in the e-cigarette field with new innovations in designs and also new flavors. The many positive reviews for Green Smoke submitted on our site are the best proof that this e-cigarette brand does its job very well. This well known company was the first to make a two part e-cigarette that is much easier to use than other types of electronic cigarettes. Now Green Smoke has come up with a fantastic loyalty program and several new flavors of e-cigarettes to choose from. (more…)

E-Cigarette Comparison: EverSmoke vs blu Cigs

EverSmoke reviews VS Blu Cigs, electronic cigarette, e-cigarette review, ecigs reviews

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigs will help you repair your normal breathing and lung performance because they do not contain all of the harsh chemicals of traditional cigarettes. They contain no tar, carbon monoxide or the many other toxins contained in standard cigarettes. E-cigs use an atomizer that creates the vapor and a nicotine cartridge. The water-based vapor supplies your nicotine without all the damaging effects on your lungs and other body systems. E-cigarette comparison discussed here are between two popular brands, EverSmoke and blu Cigs. It is important to research reviews as you search for the e-cig brand that is right for you. (more…)

Free Electronic Cigarette Trial Samples Available Online

Green Smoke starter kitsIt is not out of place to be hesitant in taking on a new thing like the electronic cigarette. You do not lose anything when you use an e-cigarette trial or starter kit. You may have come across write-ups trying to discredit e-cigarette. Do not base your decision on what these articles say. Take on a free electronic cigarette trial sample, which is available, online and make your decision from practical experience. Without an iota of doubt, taking this step will give you access to the several benefits derivable from the use of e-cigarette. (more…)

E-Cigarette Comparison: ProSmoke vs Eon Smoke

e-cigarettes, ProSmoke, replacement cartridges Pro Smoke VS Eon Smoke review

When making an ecig comparison several factors must be considered such as price, water vapor production and the ongoing maintenance requirements. Two of the top electronic cigarettes currently being sold are the ProSmoke and the Eon Smoke. They are both available in a convenient starter kit that contains one package of disposable cartridges in your choice of flavor, two batteries, a wall charger and a USB charger. The ProSmoke starter kit is priced $20 less making it a more attractive choice; at first. (more…)

Also Available: Electronic Cigarettes Without Nicotine

Electronic cigarettes without nicotineThe electronic cigarette is also commonly referred to as the e-cigarette. It is an electrical gadget that has been specially designed to assist those who want to quit smoking. This device works by stimulating tobacco smoking through the production of an inhaled kind of mist that bears the sensation, nicotine flavor and appearance of the usual cigarette. However, it is important to note that the electronic cigarettes do not contain nicotine. This gadget utilizes heat in order to vaporize the glycerin solution into mist. It works in a similar manner to the nebulizer that is used for inhalation. (more…)

New C3X Kit Cirrus E-Cigarette by White Cloud Released

As a current cigarette smoker, I was shopping around for an alternative. I tried many different types of nicotine delivery devices and nothing seemed to compare to a cigarette. I decided to try out electronic cigarettes, because they have the appearance of a cigarette, they have a vapor that you can inhale and best of all, and you can smoke them anywhere you want. I tried the a few brands and somewhere better than others. I got stuck on vaping an electronic cigarette that I received through mail order and then I found out about the new Cirrus 3X White Cloud Cigarettes. I saw the advertisement and they sounded very appealing. I decided to go ahead and pick up a C3X kit and see what these new electronic cigarettes were all about. (more…)

South Beach Smoke Starter Kits: Which One Should I Pick?

South Beach Smoke, electronic cigarette review, ecigs Are you struggling with your smoking habit and don’t know where to turn to for help? Well don’t worry! South Beach Smoke is here to help! This electronic cigarette works with you, the smoker, in order to satisfy the need to smoke while at the same time making it to where you no longer crave those deadly cigarettes!

The e-cigarette starter kit that South Beach Smoke provides is really remarkable in the sense that it allows the smoker to keep their hands busy with an electronic cigarette that simulates the act of holding and smoking a cigarette. Although you’ll be holding an electronic cigarette, it works just like your regular cigarettes would. The premium starter kit comes with an electronic cigarette that contains cartridges with flavored e-liquid that the user can enjoy, but these cartridges do not contain any harmful chemicals. What this allows the user to do is enjoy the visual aspect of smoking a cigarette with a great taste while at the same time decreasing the amount of nicotine that is getting into the users system. This, over time, will cease the craving to light up another cigarette and allow you to become one step closer to being smoke free! (more…)

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