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E-Cigarettes and the FDA

Electric cigarettes, also known as ecigs and e-cigarettes, have not been evaluated by the FDA for approval in the United States. The FDA has, however, conducted a series of tests to determine their effectiveness. They have asked the electric cigarette makers to apply for FDA approval to be certain that they do meet the requirements for their seal of approval for safety.

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One of the largest concerns on the FDA’s part is of the manufacturing process. The feel many are made substandard. Their concerns are that the cartridges that are marked as no nicotine do in fact contain nicotine. Also, the milligram of nicotine a user gets when vaping, or inhaling the liquid in the ecig, is not at the level indicated and is much higher. (more…)

The State of E-Cigarettes in 2011

ecigarettes, ecigs 2011, e-cigarette starter kitIf you are an avid smoker, or just someone who is just looking for alternative to current methods of tobacco based nicotine ingestion, then you have probably come across the advent of electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes are a relatively new product that was created for the current smoker in mind, to help them wean off their current regular cigarette intake with this healthier alternative.

In terms of the state of e-cigarettes in the year 2011, things have stabled out to a relatively normal selling pace for the product. Those who are interested in stopping smoker, or those who are looking to only get a nicotine fix from smoking have turned to the popular product. The reason behind the current state of electronic cigarettes is for the fact that they are similar in design and method of use as a normal cigarette, but contain only varying levels of nicotine, not any of the chemicals and carcinogens that a regular cigarette contains. (more…)

Read E-Cigarette Reviews Before You Buy

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Purchasing e-cigs online can be a daunting task. Not only are you changing one of the key areas of your life, smoking, you are doing so blindly with know what to experience exactly what you are getting ahead of time. There are many benefits to purchasing e-cigs and many people find it greatly improves their lives. Before taking the big leap and buy e-cig online, read all the electronic cigarette review articles you can find!

Why Read an Electronic Cigarette Review

Reading an electronic cigarette review can mean the difference between choosing e-cigs that have the features that will best fit your lifestyle, and choosing one that you will never use. When investing money and choosing to buy e-cig online, you want to make the right choice the first time. There are e-cigs out there for everyone. Some have longer batteries, portable chargers, and other features that make them great for on the go users. Some other e-cigs are simple versions that are great for those that are not on the go as much. Reading an electronic cigarette review about the model you are considering will help you review all the features and ensure that the purchase is one you will be satisfied with. (more…)

Where is the Electronic Cigarette Banned?

electronic cigarettes, ecigs Australia, ban electronic cigarettesElectronic cigarettes have become quite popular. Some people feel that they are a safer way to smoke, and do not require stepping outdoors as there is no second hand smoke emitted for the use of an electronic cigarette. Some countries have determined that a ban on electronic cigarettes is the best position to take. The ban on electronic cigarettes stretches across several countries, and prevents their residents from enjoying the benefits of an electronic cigarette.


The electronic cigarette is banned in Canada. It is illegal to sell, import, or advertised in the country of Canada. The ban went into effect in March 2009. Canadian officials cited a lack of federal drug and administration approval as the reason for the ban. Two years later, the Canadian federal drug and administration has still failed to grant the proper approval to electronic cigarette makers.


Another country that boarders the United States, Mexico has placed a ban on the sales, use, advertising, or importation of electronic cigarettes within its country. The Mexican government included E-cigarettes when they did a country wide ban on all smoking.


The Australian government takes its citizens health very seriously. They have a nationwide ban on nicotine and this includes the use, sales, advertising or import of electronic cigarettes. The Australian authorities claim that is is only to better improve the health of those living inside the Australian boarder.


Buying E-Cigarettes Online

buying E-Cigarettes online, electric cigarettes, ecig starter kitElectronic cigarettes are becoming a popular option to replace traditional cigarettes. That is because electronic cigarettes do not have the second hand smoke regular cigarettes do, making them a safer alternative in the mind of many people. Many people are starting to purchase them online and they are rapidly growing in popularity.

There are a lot of good reasons why people buy e-cigarettes online. One of the biggest reasons is because they have starter kits in most online stores. These ecigs starter kits give people an idea of what smoking these items is going to be like. It also provides people with all of the necessary equipment which normally includes cartridges, a rechargeable cigarette tube, ion battery, a charger kit, and instruction. Most of these things are necessary to enjoy ecigs. (more…)

Comparison: Classic E-Cigarette and Mini E-Cig

Electronic cigarettes also known as e-cig or electric cigarettes are different names but all have the same concept. The manufacturers of these electronic cigarettes claim to be a revolutionary creation designed to allow smokers to feel the satisfaction of smoking a cigarette while not having any of the harmful side effects from additives that come with smoking a real cigarette. In addition, it claims that there is no second hand smoke for the innocent bystanders since it is a vapor and it can be smoked anywhere without breaking the law.

Although the electronic cigarettes claim to be healthier the smoker does inhale nicotine. It does not have tar or other harmful additives and chemicals as regular cigarettes do. The electronic cigarettes look like plastic fake cigarettes which the smoker inhales to get the effects of smoking, the plastic tip lights up as the smoker draws on the cigarette, liquid nicotine atomizes into a fine smoke like substance which the smoker inhales and then exhales as they would with a regular cigarette.

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The Different Ecig Flavors

e-cigarettes, battery, ecig flavors, buy electronic cigarettes onlineE-cigarettes or better known as smokeless cigarettes have become increasingly popular since they were first introduced to the market. These cigarettes use cartridges filled with a nicotine imbued liquid to deliver pleasure to the “smoker”. Depending on how frequently the e-cig is used, cartridges can supply about twenty smokes. The great thing about smoking e-cigarettes is the choices of other flavors . If you are starting out exploring the e-cig you might like to know what the most popular flavors are. Here is a brief summary of what choices smokers are making: (more…)

The Possible Dangers Of Electronic Cigarettes

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In recent years electronic cigarettes have become more and more popular. They are advertised as a product that releases nicotine and allows smokers to still have the feeling of inhaling the smoke without the tobacco and chemicals that make cigarettes so unsafe. Some say that these devices offer cigarette smokers a much safer alternative to cigarettes, but the question still remains, are they safe and what are the dangers associated with them?

Currently, this is a question that still remains unanswered and the only definitive answer seems to be that they are safer than tobacco based cigarettes if you already are a smoker. However, e-cigarettes are not regulated by the FDA or any other administration which means there is no set standard on these products. Also, very few studies have been done on this product. Initial looks at the product have indicated that the amounts of nicotine and other chemicals can vary greatly between the different brands and refill cartridges. Some, like Blu Cigs, have had an amount of nicotine comparable to the nicotine patch or gum; others have had very toxic amounts. The amount of nicotine contained can very greatly by brand and even individual refill cartridges. (more…)

How to use E-Cigarette Cartridges

E-Cigarette cartridges, ecig, e-liquid, electronic cigaretteElectronic cigarettes can be purchased in places such as mall, on the internet, and various other places. The kits contain one or two atomizers, rechargeable batteries, an AC adapter for charging the batteries using an electrical outlet, USB plug adapter for charging using a computer. A manual, which explains how to charge the batteries, the length of time it, takes to charge, how to refill the cartridges and how to clean the e-cigarette.

There are usually five cartridges with each kit. The cartridges are filled with whatever flavor the smoker prefers and can contain whatever level of nicotine is preferred, there are also some available which contain no nicotine. (more…)

E-Pipes: Electronic Cigarettes in Pipe-form

E-pipes, electronic pipe, e-smoking, electronic cigarettesHumans have been smoking tobacco for many thousands of years. Traditional methods require inhaling a cloud of dangerous and smelly smoke– those days are over. Modern technology has reconciled with the past and created a new way to enjoy nicotine which is safer, cheaper, and more fun than traditional smoking methods.

Electronic cigarettes such as White Cloud Cigarettes utilize the atomizing power of an extreme heat filament to vaporize nicotine solution contained in a capsule within the e-cig. E-cigs and e-pipes illuminate as the user inhales the vapor, generating the effect of a burning ember that glows as you draw on the cig. The device is powered by a compact lithium battery. (more…)

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