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Quit Smoking With Electronic Cigarettes in 4 Steps

Quit smoking with e-cigarettesThe beauty of electronic cigarettes is that they can be smoked anywhere and they are said to be a healthier alternative for actual smoking of cigarettes (please note that this hasn’t been proven yet). The habit of smoking the legacy cigarette, that has second hand smoke to bother others living in or sharing the space can now stop. South Beach Smoke provides an effective alternative to many other quit smoking processes.

Step 1: Decide That You Want to Quit

Most people are aware that the substance that causes the addiction to cigarettes is nicotine. This is the aspect of smoking that creates the dependency and causes any smoker to flag in their efforts to quit smoking once they make up their minds to quit. All methods for quitting smoking will begin with the decision to quit. This is step one of the five steps a smoker can take on the path to freedom from smoking.

Step 2: Replace Smoking with a Different “Activity”

The next step is to replace the activity of smoking with another activity. Smoking is an unhealthy habit. Habits are more easily broken by replacing them with another habit that is beneficial, such as eating fruit and physical exercise. Endorphins are released by physical exercise, which gives good feelings to the brain. The body will develop a dependency on exercising.

Step 3: Avoid Places Where Tobacco Cigarettes Are Smoked

Public smokingStep three is to avoid the places where there is smoking. Places like bars and night clubs are often filled with smokers. By staying away from these places and people, it will be much easier not to fall down from the effort of quitting smoking. Although harsh this does not need to be permanent.

Step 4: You Probably Failed Step 3, Get an E-Cigarette

Our guess is that you’ll probably fail with step 3, avoiding places where others are smoking. You’ll probably just fall for the classic cigarette again. If you hadn’t decided to try an e-cigarette during step 2, you’ll probably want to get an electronic cigarette if you failed to not fall for the traditional cigarette during this step.

Preparing for slips and relapses and how to deal with these inevitable pitfalls in the effort to quit means being realistic about successful quitting as the last step in the process. It is best to prepare ahead mentally for the strong possibility that a slip or even a complete relapse will occur. A slip is smoking once and then continuing to quit. A relapse is going back to smoking again.

Electronic cigarette smokingEither problem should not be a reason to give up and admit defeat. Simply get back on the horse and try again. Do not give into self-defeating rationalizations that quitting is too difficult. It is not easy but it is possible. Stay positive and remember how much money will be saved as well as how much healthier and stronger a new non-smoker is becoming.

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