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Should Non-Smokers Use Electronic Cigarettes?

Non-smokers using electronic cigarettes?

The debate over e-cigarettes has been intense ever since their popularity began to soar in the mid-2000’s. Many smokers have been among their most enthusiastic converts.

Flavored E-Juice: A Matter of Taste

Some smokers claim to enjoy the variety of flavors made possible by different uses of e-liquid (i.e., flavored e-juice,) while others have made the switch to nicotine free e-cigarettes for health reasons. With respect to the first point, there’s no question that there are more flavors available for e-cigarettes than the traditional variety, especially after the FDA banned flavored cigarettes in 2009. Some kinds of flavored e-juice include vanilla, coffee, cola, and even daiquiris and desserts. Such e-liquid is sold in bottled form and can be used to refill e-cigarette cartridges.

Nicotine Free E-Cigarettes: Preliminary Findings

FDA logoA 2009 study conducted by the FDA found cancer-causing agents in many of the tested brands, even those which claimed to be nicotine-free e-cigarettes. They also found elements of nicotine in some of those brands.

The World Health Organization stated that no clear evidence has yet been offered to show that e-cigarettes are a safe form of nicotine replacement therapy, although they did consider the possibility that they may be useful in helping some smokers quit.

Another study conducted by Boston University scientists concluded that nicotine free e-cigarettes were in fact safer than regular cigarettes and showed promise as smoking cessation aids. Other organizations, such as Cancer Research UK, came to a similar conclusion, arguing that the smoking of cigarettes is a clear and present danger to the health and lives of smokers, and so almost any substitute is an improvement.

The World Health Organization has stated that it sees no evidence that e-cigarettes can help to cure nicotine addiction, although apparently the simulation of smoking may reduce some cravings.

Conclusions: The Jury Is Still Out

In general, it appears at this stage of research that smokers who are trying to quit may gain some benefit from nicotine free e-cigarettes. As for smokers who intend to continue smoking, it’s possible but not proven that e-cigarettes may be better than the alternative, mainly because smoking is already such a health-destroying habit.

Non-Smokers: Better to Abstain

Finally, in answer to the question of whether non-smokers should take up the habit of e-cigarettes, the answer is surely no. Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances used by humans, and therefore, the less exposure the better.

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