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My E-Cigarette Story: “Why I Tried an E-cigarette”

Sign: No smoking allowedLike most smokers, I am frustrated with the anti-smoking laws and the invasion of my privacy and freedoms when I am out and about in public. I’ve been a smoker for more than 10 years, and during that time, I have watched smoker’s rights decrease in the name of health. I can no longer smoke in restaurants, bars or even in front of businesses for fear that I might be fined or subjected to harassment from non-smokers due to the second and now third hand smoke fears.

Since I am tired of the restrictions and encroachment on my rights, I bought a disposable Blackjack e-cigarette for $15 from my local gas station. I also bought a pack of traditional cigarettes in case I did not like the e-cigarette. (more…)

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