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Learning The Difference Between E-Cig Cartridges and Cartomizers

Any electronic cigarette smoker will tell you that the term “refill cartridge” can mean many things. Whether you’re new to this hobby or you’re a seasoned pro, there are some differences that you should know about when discussing a cartridge and cartomizer. Since each one can offer their own advantages and disadvantages, here are some things that you should know:


What Are They?

Many of the older electronic cigarettes that were created around 2010 and 2011 used this kind of technology. The problem with a cartridge is that they tend to wear away faster and are considered to be older technology. This is a problem for those who tend to smoke a lot throughout the day.

E-cig cartridge and atomizer


E-Liquid: What’s in It?

E-liquid with strawberry flavorSmoke-free cigarettes are a worldwide phenomenon. These electronic cigarettes have been embraced as a Godsend by millions of people tired of tobacco based cigarettes. An important part of the electronic cigarette is e-juice or e-liquid. This e-liquid is transformed to flavored steam when the user sucks on the mouthpiece of the electronic cigarette. It gives the feeling smokers get from tobacco cigarettes but when the steam is exhaled it disappears leaving no second hand smoke. This has many users pleased. However, a popular question many have is ‘What’s in E-Liquid?‘. (more…)

How to refill E-Cig Cartridges Yourself

refill cartridges, e-liquid, e-cig, E-Cigarette, vaporCongratulations for switching to smoking electronic cigarettes. Your health is important and smoking an e-cigarette rather than regular tobacco products is a smart move. Once you start to smoke electronic cigarettes and begin to appreciate the non toxic vapor you will then begin to notice your electronic cartridges building up. The question now becomes how to refill e-cig cartridges yourself?

Of course you can simply purchase a pre-filled cartridge or you can make refills from your old cartridges and save some cash. Many people choose to refill an e-cig cartridge rather than to throw it away. There are lots of different liquids available to use in refilling your e-cig cartridges. (more…)

E-Cigarettes and the FDA

Electric cigarettes, also known as ecigs and e-cigarettes, have not been evaluated by the FDA for approval in the United States. The FDA has, however, conducted a series of tests to determine their effectiveness. They have asked the electric cigarette makers to apply for FDA approval to be certain that they do meet the requirements for their seal of approval for safety.

E-Cigarettes FDA, stop smoking, ecigs, E-liquid

One of the largest concerns on the FDA’s part is of the manufacturing process. The feel many are made substandard. Their concerns are that the cartridges that are marked as no nicotine do in fact contain nicotine. Also, the milligram of nicotine a user gets when vaping, or inhaling the liquid in the ecig, is not at the level indicated and is much higher. (more…)

How to use E-Cigarette Cartridges

E-Cigarette cartridges, ecig, e-liquid, electronic cigaretteElectronic cigarettes can be purchased in places such as mall, on the internet, and various other places. The kits contain one or two atomizers, rechargeable batteries, an AC adapter for charging the batteries using an electrical outlet, USB plug adapter for charging using a computer. A manual, which explains how to charge the batteries, the length of time it, takes to charge, how to refill the cartridges and how to clean the e-cigarette.

There are usually five cartridges with each kit. The cartridges are filled with whatever flavor the smoker prefers and can contain whatever level of nicotine is preferred, there are also some available which contain no nicotine. (more…)

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