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E-Cigarette Comparison: SmokeTip vs Smokeless Delite

SmokeTip starters kit VS Smokeless Delite, smokeless cigarettes,

While there are plenty of e-cigarette brands to choose from, two of the more popular e-cigarette brands are Smokeless Delite (customer reviews) and SmokeTip (customer reviews). The real question is how do you distinguish between the two to figure out which brand is best for your e-cigarette needs? Read through this e-cigarette comparison to take a close look at where these two popular brands differ the most. (more…)

How About an E-Cigarette as a Father’s Day Gift?

Smoking an e-cigaretteThere is a terrible stereotype about the horrible gifts dads get for Father’s Day such as ugly ties or handkerchiefs. Meanwhile, the mothers get useful and often beautiful gifts that they love. This year, get your dad something that he can actually use. There are plenty of gift ideas out there, but if he’s a smoker, nothing may be more useful than an e-cigarette starter kit.

What is an Electronic Cigarette?

An electronic cigarette is an electronic version of the real deal. It is shaped just like a real cigarette but there is no smoke or tobacco. Instead, there is a liquid that is in each cartridge that is heated by a small battery in the device. The heat makes it warm and produces a light vapor that many smokers find pleasing and a good substitute for a real cigarette. (more…)

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