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My E-Cigarette Story: “How The E-Cig Helped Me Quit Smoking”

Vapor coming out of an e-cigaretteI had been smoking for almost ten years before I discovered the electronic cigarette and decided to make the switch. The first time I decided to try the electronic cigarette was when I became pregnant with my first child, a baby boy. I knew that I needed to quit smoking for his sake and his health. I wanted so badly to be a good influence to him and I did not want to harm him in any way possible. I had tried the gum and the patches in the past to quit smoking with no success. I needed something that would imitate the feeling of inhaling smoke that I so desperately craved. That is when my aunt introduced me to the e-cigarette.

The first time I smoked an electronic cigarette was about three years ago. I had just found out I was pregnant with my son. I immediately knew that this would be the method that would allow me to quit smoking cigarettes for good. I know now that I was more addicted to the act of inhaling the smoke itself than the nicotine in the cigarettes, as I had no problems with smoking the cartridges that contained very low nicotine, and very shortly after that switching to the non-nicotine cartridges to eliminate the toxins that were transmitted to my son. (more…)

Vapor Couture: Very Sexy New E-Cigarette for Women Only

Woman holding an e-cigaretteV2 Cigs has launched a brand new e-cigarette for women only, called ‘Vapor Couture’. And the runway-ready, premium brand is already turning heads. Not only does the super slim e-cigarette for women look stylish and hip, the flavors are sassy-strong with Bomb Shell and Rodeo Drive, or sweet, too, with Strawberry Champagne, Arctic Mint, Passion Fruit, and Fresh Mint. And women can’t stop raving about the ‘really lush vapors.’

It’s a long and lean look designed exclusively for the ladies, complete with fab, faceted crystal tips. And like you choose your shoes and your bag, you can also glamorize your Vapor Couture e-cigarette to complement your individual style. There are four VC flavor cartridge patterns and four VC battery patterns to mix or match from: Purple, Rose Gold, Brushed Platinum, and VC White Signature. (more…)

What Do Consumers Say About the E-Cigarette?

New V2 e-cigarette starter kit Consumers can rely on e-cigarette reviews to learn more about these products. Many smokers and non-smokers enjoy the flavor and experience of e-cigarettes. These products feature nicotine that is blended with a flavored liquid. The water vapor produced by these e-cigarettes creates a true smoking experience, and the nicotine liquid ensures that cravings are satisfied. Consumer reports show there are virtually no complaints about V2 Cigs. These e-cigarettes come in a range of flavors and create the most realistic smoking experience. (more…)

Interview with Marni Mutrux about V2 Cigs’ Top-Notch E-Cigarettes

Logo of V2 Cigs

Marni Mutrux, content director at V2 Cigs, was kind enough to take some time to answer a few of our Q&A/interview questions for our series of interviews here at Electronic Cigarette Review. Being an avid e-smoker himself, he and the rest of the V2 team do their utmost best to deliver the best quality electronic cigarette possible. They were one of the early starters in this industry and have grown out to become one of the largest brands, mainly because of their well-built e-cigarettes and decent e-liquids. V2 Cigs is determined to make electronic cigarettes a product regulated by the FDA, and are therefore cooperating with other manufacturers to try and get that regulation through. We can of course only support this, and would love to see more top e-cigarette brands do efforts to get ecigs regulated. Find out more about V2 Cigs and its plans for the future in this interview.

What makes your brand’s e-cigarettes so good?

Our e-cigs produce the most vapour in the industry, with the best throat hit. Also, we do extensive safety testing on our e-liquids and all of our electrical components to ensure quality and consistency. (more…)

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