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The Future of Bull Smoke Electronic Cigarette Brand

Logo of Bull SmokeBull Smoke recently reached out to our electronic cigarette review website with some exciting information. We’re happy to report there are some big changes at Bull Smoke. Below is an email sent in to us from Bull Smoke CEO Martin Giles updating us with some fantastic news about where their brand is headed for the rest of 2012.

His email is below…

Thanks for profiling our growing brand of electronic cigarettes. We’ve instructed our satisfied customers to visit sites like yours and leave feedback – good and bad – about our electronic cigarette brand. We’re happy for the listing on the site and glad you feel the way you do about our brand – we strive for excellence and every day we look to help someone make the switch to our wonderful products.

We’d like to inform you of some great developments at Bull Smoke. As with any electronic device, like the television, computer, or mobile device, there is always room for technology improvements. We’ve taken great pride in dedicating efforts towards research and development in the e-cigarette space, and we’re happy to report we’ve made major improvements with the brand.

Ecig battery by Bull Smoke

Starting this summer, around June 15, we’ll release the next generation of Bull Smoke. Let me tell you what this means for consumers. First off, we’ve upgraded our batteries significantly. We’re moving from a 3.7 volt battery to a 4.2 – this is the highest caliber battery on the market and will produce the thickest vapor in the industry.

Bull Smoke flavors

We’re also introducing a new flavor – Peppermint Ice. We’re happy to have this fresh cartridge in stock and ready to ship to our eager customers June 15. Along with that, we’re offering four battery colors in ALL variations. In addition to our standard white battery, we’re offering black, chrome, and the never seen before orange battery. Every battery will be offered with the options to select long, short, or manual release. They were also completely re-engineered and now arrive in a totally different look and feel. Our internal staff feels they are more streamlined and less bulky – that’s what I was looking for when I hired a team of experts to design them!

Lastly, we’re getting some traction in retail locations. We have finally jumped into the disposable electronic cigarette space, debuting our single use “Buck Shot” in select locations in New York this summer. We couldn’t be happier of where we’re going with this exciting new retail product.

Of course, current customers will get the first crack at the products at steep discounts as an incentive to move into the latest technology. Should anyone have any questions or comments, we’re always available at 855-Get-Bull or support AT

Thanks again for listing our product line on your site.

Big thanks, Martin!

Bull Smoke electronic cigarettes reviewsThe team would like to thank Martin and the rest of the Bull Smoke team again for letting us share the latest news on Bull Smoke on the site. We always enjoy working with the folks at Bull Smoke, and see them as one of the truly innovative brands on the market who manage to differentiate themselves nicely from all the other players in the field. We’re very excited to see what the future brings for Bull Smoke, and can’t wait to see them rolling out their new products on the market. You’ll of course find the latest news on these new innovations here on our e-cigarette blog! For fans of the brand, we also recommend to join Bull Smoke’s Facebook-page to stay up-to-date on the latest bits on their products.

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