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The True Power of Variable Voltage E-Cigarettes

E-cigarettes with variable voltage

If you have done much research into electronic cigarettes, you’ve probably found there are endless choices available. E-cigarettes are available in rainbows of colors, a number of different sizes and with selections of flavors to rival any tobacco shop (or bakery).
The technology of electronic cigarettes is also expanding at a steady pace. The devices perform better and last longer than models of just a year or two ago. One of the more interesting developments is the variable voltage e-cigarette.

E-Cigarettes Made Smarter

Once the domain of dedicated hobbyists and tinkerers, variable voltage e-cigarettes have started to creep their way in the mainstream. Variable voltage e-cigarettes get their name from their ability to adjust the amount of power that the device’s battery delivers to the cartomizer. This is achieved through a built-in circuit board on the e-cigarette itself.

The user can adjust the voltage through some sort of control mechanism such as a button or dial. Some devices are simpler in nature, while others offer high tech bells and whistles such as digital read outs that show the voltage and battery charge. Many of these devices are still highly specialized and are much larger than typical e-cigarettes. However, as more manufacturers jump on board the bandwagon, smaller sized devices are also starting to gain a foothold in the market.

You might wonder what the big deal is. There are quite a few things to be gained by being able to adjust the settings yourself:

  • Adjust the amount of vapor
  • Create a warmer or cooler vapor
  • Vary from light or heavy throat hit
  • A consistent experience

The reason you can change the profile of the way that your e-cigarette works has to do with the power you apply to the cartomizer. Inside your cartomizer is a tiny heating element. This element heats the liquid stored in the cartomizer; the more power delivered, the hotter the coils get.

You’re in Control

More heat equates to more vapor as the e-liquid in the cartomizer is more rapidly consumed and turned into vapor. With a variable voltage e-cigarette the voltage can be adjusted up or down to control how much or how little vapor comes from the device. With a hotter coil comes warmer vapor. Much like the amount of vapor, the temperature can be controlled by adjusting the voltage as well. The same holds true for throat hit.

Throat hit is that sort of warm sensation you get in your throat and upper chest when enjoying an e-cigarette and makes it feel more like smoking a regular cigarette. While nicotine content plays the biggest role in that sensation, throat hit is often intensified with higher voltages (and more mellow at lower settings).

Variable voltage batteries for ecigsThe final point is consistency. Variable voltage lets you adjust things until you find the perfect experience. It also helps things stay that way. Many standard e-cigarettes lose power as the battery gets closer to depletion. As the battery gets to the end of its charge, vapor production drops. Good variable voltage electronic cigarettes on the other hand use a microprocessor to keep the voltage at the level you set no matter the battery level. This means each time you use the device it will be the same as the last.

The e-cigarette companies seem to be aware of these benefits as many manufacturers are putting out their own take on the variable voltage e-cigarette. So far there aren’t any that are cigarette sized, but they are getting smaller. Technology should make very small devices possible in the near future. Perhaps then even more consumers might be able to experience what variable voltage has to offer them.

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