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A blu Cigs ecigarette starter kit blu Cigs is famous for its stylish black e-cigarettes with a black LED light, but they also have white e-cigarettes for fans of the more traditional e-cig look. The blu Cigs starter packs are available starting from $69.95, the refills for these e-cigarettes are available in many different flavours such as cherry, mint and classic tobacco. Their cartridges are available in different nicotine levels, and one cartridge will give you over 250 tasty puffs.

The blu Cigs E-Cigarette

blu Cigs, e-cigarette reviewThe blu Cigs E-Cigarette is a perfect alternative for all smokers who are looking for an electronic cigarette that is both modern and stylish. Compared to the conventional electronic cigarettes, the blu cigarette is more improved in terms of its its components and premium packing. This device contains an atomizer that triggers off when inhaled and eventually emits a vapor from the mouth. Since this is made to look like a real cigarette, the smoking experience is just the same as with the standard one. The smoker will feel an actual nicotine or flavor at the degree that he prefers and the vapor does not contain any other adverse chemicals, but rather, the steam and nicotine only.

The blu Cigs Kits Available

blu Cigs Starter Kits are available in both premium and original. It comes in the colors black and white. The Premium Starter Kit are composed of 1 new blu Premium Pack with Social features, 2 blu batteries, 1 blu USB and 1 wall charger, and a 1 five-pack cartridges with different flavors and strengths of your choice. This whole kit is available at $79.95. The Original Starter Kit is sold at $69.95. The kit comes with 1 pack that hold 5 cartridges and charges the batteries, 1 wall and 1 USB charger, 2 electronic cigarette batteries, and a 1 five-pack cartridges with the flavor and strength you may choose.

The blu Cigs Refill Cartridges

Every blu Cigs Refill Cartridge contains smoke juice carefully tailored and developed to meet the total specification and satisfaction of every customer. This is made in the USA by Johnson Creek. The refill cartridges are available in Premium and Original Cartridges, and Premium 100 Cartridges. The Premium and Original Cartridges can contain smoke juice equal to one pack of cigarettes. When combined with the battery, it has the same size with the traditional cigarette and it fits all original and premium batteries. The Premium 100 Cartridges can contain smoke juice equivalent to one a half pack of cigarettes. This is bigger and longer lasting compared to the Original or Premium cartridges, and it uses the Premium100 batteries. Both cartridges have one-piece design with built in atomizer and filled with Johnson Creek Smoke Juice.

The blu Cigs Flavor Cartridges

There are five blu Cigs Flavor Cartridges available today. These are the vivid vanilla, cherry crush, magnificent menthol, classic tobacco, and java jolt. All these flavors are carefully extracted and mixed by hand to make each batch fresh. All the ingredients guaranteed 100% propylene glycol free.

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    Review by Greg
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    I have had good luck with Blu. I like the vapor / flavor and have had no real issues. Occasionally it will taste a bit burnt, but found a “hint” site on youtube.com that suggested tapping the carts on a hard surface a few times and that cured the problem. I also got a bad cart, called the company, and they credited my account immediately. So far, So good.

    Enjoy …

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