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Having difficulties picking an e-cigarette? This comparison table ranks the electronic cigarette brands that received top ratings from our site's visitors:

RankNameRatingMore Info
2South Beach Smoke4.934.934.934.934.93
3Apollo E-Cig4.774.774.774.774.77

If you’ve ever wanted to try electronic cigarettes, you may be surprised to discover that there are actually several different brands that you can choose from. This is not necessarily a negative thing, as having variety can give you the freedom to find the right electronic cigarette for you. The internet can be a great tool and will help you compare electronic cigarettes so that you don’t waste your money on a product you’re not happy with.

Rank Name Rating More Info
1 EverSmoke 4.984.984.984.984.98
2 South Beach Smoke 4.934.934.934.934.93
3 Apollo E-Cig 4.774.774.774.774.77

Quality of the Electronic Cigarette

The first thing that you need to know is what the quality of the electronic cigarette is. When you compare electronic cigarettes, you can see which cigarettes have a longer lifespan and which ones simply don’t last. Also, take the time to see what materials the electronic cigarette is made of, as a cheaper product may have a lower quality feel to it.

Customer Service

Having the right customer service should be a priority for any company. The reason why you want to look into this aspect is because you can rest assured that if anything happens to your electronic cigarette, you’ll be treated respectfully. Customer reviews offer a great insight to this aspect, letting you see what a company is really like. If a company really cares about the customer, they will treat them as such. Some only care about sales, and it is important to avoid companies like this.

Pricing Starter Kit & Cartridges

When you look at electronic cigarette prices, be sure to look at how much the starter kit and the cartridges cost. Some starter kits are cheaper, yet cost more per cartridge while others are little more costly up front but have cheaper replacement cartridges. This can also differ based on how long you plan on using the cigarette. If you are a frequent smoker, cartridges will play a factor into what you buy, but those that are trying out the product may not be as picky.

Customer Ratings

Don’t forget how important customer reviews are. No matter how good an electronic cigarette looks on paper, it doesn’t mean anything if people are not happy with the product. When you see customer reviews online, you are bound to get the most accurate and honest opinion of what a person thinks of the product. Look around online to see what people honestly think of a product before spending your money on the same thing.

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