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Eluma Cigs kitEluma Cig is a reputed electronic cigarette brands that sells quality products, and delivers quality service. Its e-cigarette kits contain everything a starting e-smoker or a more advanced vapor lover could want. Eluma keeps surprising its customers with new innovations such as their new cartomizer and their new flavors. They offer 1 year warranty as well as free domestic shipping, which isn’t something all e-cigarette brands offer their customers.

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One Customer Review of “Eluma Cig”

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    Review by joy
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    Did not like the eluma cig at all. not enough vapor, taste not good, too heavy and big.yuck!!If your a new vaper and bought this product, don’t be discouraged as I was by this inadequit product.After i bought this terrible e-cig and many others to follow, I gave up on e-cigs for about 2 years, then I found Green Smoke after watching a few youtube reviews on the product, I tried it, liked it, and haven’t looked back. I do not work for Green Smoke, just love their product. I’ve been completely smoke free for 2 months thanks to Green Smoke.

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