EverSmoke e-cigarette kit EverSmoke is one of the big players in the electronic cigarette market that really drives innovation. An example of this is the charging pack of the EverSmoke e-cigarettes that allow you to easily charge the batteries of your ecigs on the go. The design of the Ever Smoke cartridges is subliminal thanks to the unique VaporMax® technology of this company. This new technique insures that the draw of your e-cigarette is very smooth and produces as much vapor as possible. EverSmoke.com sells anything from starter kits, to more luxury ecig kits as well as different cool flavors like Cherry Crush and Cool Menthol.

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174 Customer Reviews of “EverSmoke”

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  1. 174
    Review by Chrissy Simpson
    Overall 55555
    E-Cigarette 55555
    Service 55555
    Shipment 55555

    Very fast delivery, great flavor. Really enjoy these!

  2. 173
    Review by gail
    Overall 33333
    E-Cigarette 44444
    Service 55555
    Shipment 44444

    I recently had to call eversmoke.com customer service and I must say I was stunned by the service I received. I have had my issues with this company/service(long story and issues), but Stephanie the CS Rep has wiped the slate clean between eversmoke.com and myself. She was outstanding, personable and EXTREMELY efficient. (spoke to her on 11.15.13 and received my product on 11.18.13) If eversmoke.com had 25 more like her there would be no comparison on CS and product! Give this girl a raise!!! As I said before the CS reps I’ve dealt with before via email and phone had little to be desired, almost felt like they couldn’t care one way or another (their service actually drove me to post SEVERAL bad reviews on the company) they should all take notice of Stephanie and strive to be more like her. Well done! Gave 5 stars on service only because of Stephanie!

  3. 172
    Review by Conan
    Overall 55555
    E-Cigarette 55555
    Service 55555
    Shipment 44444

    I have been using Eversmoke for about a month and so I have been very pleased with their product.

    The throat kick and nicotine hit are spot on. You can really feel that kick.-just like a regular cigarette. The vapor production is good. Of course the deeper the draw the more vapor you will get. I’m well satisfied with the vapor.p

    They have a variety of flavors to try. Getting a flavor sampler pack will help you choose your favorite one(s).

    The customer service is excellent. I had one problem with them. The starter kit I received was missing a pack of cartridges. Customer service replaced it right away. Now my complaint was that they did not ship it faster like a 2day option. Instead they chose the slowest shipping option. You would have thought they would rectify the problem faster.

    All in all I am very happy with their product. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to make the switch to e-cigs and get away from tobacco. The e-cig is cleaner. No smoke, ash, tar, an the other hundreds of chemicals found in regular cigs. This company is a winner in my book.


  4. 171
    Review by Joshua
    Overall 55555
    E-Cigarette 55555
    Service 55555
    Shipment 55555

    Love my eversmoke! Great products all around and EXCELLENT customer service. Havent had any of the issues usual w/ e-cigs. No leaks, no empty cartridges, no bad batteries, no sending of stuff that seems refurbished. I had companies that were doing all of the above! Not EverSmoke tho, they are great when it comes to quality. I am very pleased with the products, delivery, and just about everything when dealing with them! I am very pleased with the fOantastic design, amazing vapor and hit, and a huge selection of flavors! Overall just great.

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