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Premium Electronic Cigarette, e-cigs, electronic pipe, electronic cigar, e-smokingPremium Electronic Cigarette has a premium name, and of course lives up to that name by delivering its electronic smoking customers with premium electronic cigarettes. This famous ecig brand not only sells e-cigarettes, but also electronic cigars and electronic pipes. These e-smoking devices offer the same quality that you would expect from Premium Electronic Cigarette’s e-cigs.

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2 Customer Reviews of “Premium Electronic Cigarette”

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    Review by Anthony
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    E-Cigarette 22222
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    Shipment 22222

    So here’s my unbiased review of premium e-cigs: Ordered a starter kit w/2 batteries and numerous cartomizers on 3-8-12. Took a little longer than expected to receive but nothing noteworthy.
    After using my e-cig for about 3 weeks they became defective. One of the e-cigs was smoking itself while it was in my shirt pocket causing smoke to pour out of my shirt. I removed the shirt and the e-cig fell on the floor. The indicator light on the front of the e-cig was fully lit as if it was being puffed on. I touched the e-cig and noticed that it was quite hot but not on fire. I disconnected the cartomizer and let everything cool off. In the meantime I called Premium and explained the issue to them. They def didn’t seem surprised and I estimate they’ve had this issue raised before. They said that the e-cigs and/or charger shorted itself out and said they would send me two replacement units and charger BUT I would only be allowed two exchanges within a year. She further explained that malfunctions are very rare and reassured me I would likely never have another problem. Fair enough I guess.
    A few days later I received my replacements. I charged the first unit and it seemed to work fine. When the battery became low on that one I switched to the other e-cig and noticed that it didn’t work normally. I put it back on the charger, saw three flashes, and then the indicator light turned green. Tried it again and had same issue. Called Premium today and they will replace the defective unit but advised me it would be my last free replacement. I explained that they sent sent me a defective unit and it shouldn’t count against the Two alloted exchanges but she refused to acknowledge that fact and said that it was their policy. How could someone send another unused defective unit and then tell me that it would count against me? I don’t think its very fair. Wanted to speak to a manager but was told she is the manager.
    Bottom line is 3/4 out of the units have been defective and I’m getiing a second exchange in 1.5 months.
    My opinion is that Premium’s durability is awful. A 75% failure rate is unacceptable in my book ESPECIALLY when Premium is one of the most expensive brands out there. If you were planning on buying Premium I would look elsewhere, I know I will in the future.

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    Review by Christy C.
    Overall 55555
    E-Cigarette 55555
    Service 55555
    Shipment 55555

    I have tried 4 different kinds of e-cigs and I find that Premium E-cigs. are the best. I love them. I have only tried the menthol but it taste so good. I have smoked Newport for over 20 yrs and you smokers out there now how strong Newports are and with this brand of e-cig I get that strong menthol taste and nice vapor I feel like I am really smoking a real cig without all the nasty of a real cig. I have done alot of research and I can not believe that more people neither don’t know about Premium or have not tried them because I think they should rate alot higher than they are. I am 100% smoke free now and I love it. When I order it is always free shipping and I get my order in 2 days. I have ordered from them several times and I have always received my order in 2 days and yes let me repeat that it is free shipping. I hope this helps someone make a informed decision and good luck to everyone who is trying to quit I know how hard it is.

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