Smokestik, electronic cigarettes, best ecigarette, e-cigsSmokeStik is a revolutionary two-in-one e-cigarette. The unique feature of this electronic cigarette is that it combines the atomizer and cartridge into one disposable so-called “cartomizer”. SmokeStik has many different starter packs and other kits, and likes to experiment with the design of its e-cigs. They have e-cigarette cartomizers and batteries in different colors, and with different LEDs.

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The SmokeStik E-Cigarette

SmokeStik reviews, electronic cigaretteEver since the electronic cigarette became a trend in today’s society, many brands have popped and one of this is the SmokeStik E-cigarette. Like its competitors, the SmokeStik E-cigarette simulates the experience of smoking a cigarette but without the harmful chemicals. Instead, it uses an electronic component called the cartomizer that process liquid glycerin, propylene glycol, and food grade flavorings. The cartomizer is an improvement over the cartomizer/catridge technology in other brands as it gives more puffs than its predecessor, and is also disposable and refillable. Indeed, the SmokeStik is a safer way to smoke because of the absence of tar, tobacco and other chemicals in the cigarette.

SmokeStik Kits Available

There are seven starter kits available for the SmokeStik E-cigarette. These are namely, the Halligan ($99), Premium, JET, Royale, Pitbull, Hendu Elite and Limited Edition Pink. All starter kits cost $99.95 and come with the necessary batteries, either rechargeable Li-Ion batteries or 250 mAh long lasting batteries. They also come with the necessary chargers, for those that use rechargeable Li-Ion batteries, cartomizers and their carrying cases, with the Pitbull and the Halligan each having a special carrying case that is not compatible with the other models. The Halligan even includes a wall adapter for use in charging in addition to the USB charger.

SmokeStik Refill Cartridges

You can buy cartomizer refills by packs of five from the official SmokeStik website. The most that you could buy is the 50-pack refill or 10 5-pack refills, which come in a price of $16.25 each. There is also a 20-pack refill available at a slightly higher price of $16.95 for each pack of give. Last but not the least is the basic 5-pack refill, which is sold at a price of $19.95 for each pack.

SmokeStik Flavor Cartridges

SmokeStik can be loaded with a variety of flavors that you will enjoy. There is a tobacco flavoring available in Lights, Full Flavor and Medium flavor. SmokeStik’s blend is unique because it not as sweet as other brands, owing primarily to the lack of sweeteners in the blend. You can also buy a menthol-flavored cartridge.

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    Smokestik electric cigarettes are nice, they do what they should do and you’ll definitely be glad with your purchase. Its just that there are so many other good e cigs on the market that are slightly better than these Smokestiks. Still, big ups for Smokestik!!!

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