The Safe Cig

The Safe Cig, electronic cigarettes, e-cigarette, e cigThe Safe Cig is proud to be an American electronic cigarette brand, and wants to keep surprising its electric smoking customers with innovative e-cigarette solutions. Their ecigs are available in different incotine levels including 24mg, 14mg, 6mg and 0mg. The Safe Cig ecigarettes have all other features that you could expect from a quality e-cigarette. A unique feature known as the “flow sensor” makes The Safe Cig e-cigarettes one of the best ones.

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The Safe Cig E-Cigarette

The Safe Cig is a highly acclaimed brand of electronic cigarrettes that has dominated the e-cigarette industry. Essentially, the Safe Cig is an alternative way of smoking ecigarettes, whether the reason be for health or for its easy and innovative features. One of those features includes its ability to start producing smoke from a simple puff. Without the use of an on or off switch, there is more of an authentic cigarette undertone to it.

The Safe Cig also comes in different levels pertaining to the amount of nicotine it possesses. There is even the option of getting a Safe Cig with no nicotine. Without the mess and odor of an ordinary cigarette, this electronic cigarette still provides you with the same vapor you know and love. The consistency of this ecig is what makes it stand apart from all the rest, though. You are guaranteed to enjoy the same, delightful experience that you always do when it comes to smoking a Safe Cig.

The Safe Cig Kits Available

If you’re just starting out with The Safe Cig, there are three different starter kits to choose from. The first is The Starter Kit. In it, you will find one original white battery, a USB charger, a wall charger, and one pack of five refill cartridges. The Starter Kit Pro is essentially the same, with the exception of containing an extra battery. This way, you can ensure a good day’s worth of e-cigarette smoking without the need to charge your cigarette. Due to the extra battery, the difference will be a total of $20, being that the Starter Kit is $69.95 and the Starter Kit Pro is $89.95. The Starter Kit Deluxe includes many more accessories-three original white batteries, two USB chargers, a wall charger, a car charger, a Safe Case that you can keep your electronic cigarette in, and two-five packs of refill cartridges. All of this can be purchased for just $137.95!

The Safe Cig Refill Cartridges

The brand’s official website also sells refill cartridges in three unique flavors (classic tobacco, traditional, menthol) and six different levels of nicotine. The nicotine level you wish to purchase will depend on the way you smoke your e-cigarette. If you are very dependent on your cigarettes, you may want to choose the 24 mg level, which is designed for the frequent and heavy smoker. For the 0mg level, there is no nicotine, but there is still flavor in the cartridge. For only $12.50, you can buy a pack containing 5 refill cartridges. A redeeming feature of the Safe Cig refill cartridges is the “catcher”. In a nutshell, the catcher is created so that no liquid could seep into the smoker’s mouth before the formation of vapor has occurred. In other words, the only way the customer will be in contact with the liquid is when it vaporizes.

The Safe Cig Flavor Cartridges

The Safe Cig refill cartridges come in three different flavors. You may choose your flavor depending on your taste for e-cigarettes. The traditional flavor produces a very strong, very lasting taste. The classic tobacco flavor varies in that it produces the same taste, but in a much lighter manner. If your acquired taste for cigarettes happens to be very bold and daring, then you may want to consider the menthol flavor, which is packed with a heightened and prominent taste.

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5 Customer Reviews of “The Safe Cig”

  1. 5
    Review by D scott
    Overall 11111
    E-Cigarette 55555
    Service 11111
    Shipment 11111

    I have had the same experience as Michael Quinn above. I placed order December 14, 2012. It is now January 17, 2013 and still no tracking number or delivery of my order.

    in all fairness though I did enjoy safe cig products and the quality is outstanding.

    It is quite disturbing on how I was ignored, lied to and even after I was told they would send the order after my one and only time they actually responded to a support ticket, I still have not received my order.

    Safe cig ignored my phone calls, (couldn’t speak to a live person. Had to leave a message) every time I called.

    seems like either new management is in order or some type of federal interstate violation should be looked into with all the complaints.

    Safe cig accepted the money but seem to think it is not necessary to fill the order.

  2. 4
    Review by D scott
    Overall 11111
    E-Cigarette 55555
    Service 11111
    Shipment 11111

    Placed order December 14, 2012. it is now January 13, 2013. I have not received my order or tracking number which I always got when order shipped. Filled out support ticket, and left phone message, (cannot talk to live person). No one returned my calls.

    In short although their product is outstanding, customer service and support is the worst I have ever encountered.

    If you feel like throwing money their way without getting what you pay for, go for it.

    If you want to avoid headaches and be totally ignored when you ask about your order you paid for avoid any thought of giving them your business.

  3. 3
    Review by fabian
    Overall 11111
    E-Cigarette 11111
    Service 11111
    Shipment 11111

    worst customer service ever,orders take over a month to receive
    save your self the head ache and dont waste your time with this product

  4. 2
    Review by michael quinn
    Overall 11111
    E-Cigarette 33333
    Service 11111
    Shipment 11111

    I was happy with using this product only to find out in the end they have the worst customer service I have ever seen! Not only do they not answer any questions you have but they will say they sent your order out when they know they didn’t and so you will wait at least a month to get your order! It has been a month since I have ordered my ecigs and I still have not heard anything about them! When I try customer service they conveniently give me the run around! In the end I am not impressed so some advice is try a different company because this one is a scam!

  5. 1
    Review by scott
    Overall 44444
    E-Cigarette 55555
    Service 44444
    Shipment 55555

    The Safe Cig has quality electronic cigarettes which keep customers coming back.

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