Vapage reviewsVapage is a premium electronic cigarette brand for the hardcore vaporfans out there. With next level products like the VMOD e-cig and the VPRO-T that boasts a new type of eGo style system, Vapage succeeds in staying ahead of other top)end e-cigarette brands. If you’re looking for a highly complete and cutting edge e-cigarette starter kit, then you might be at the right address at Vapage.com.

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4 Customer Reviews of “Vapage”

  1. 4
    Review by katie
    Overall 55555
    E-Cigarette 55555
    Service 55555
    Shipment 55555

    vapage is amazing.
    1. customer service is out of this world TOP NOTCH.
    2. i have not smoked a real cigarette in over 7 mos now!
    3. free shipping when you order over 50 bucks worth! (wow)
    4. excellent flavors and variety.
    5. coupon codes mailed to me weekly with great savings offered.
    6. constant new products that are top of the line and i never feel disapointed.
    7. FAST shipping. even with the standard option, or the free shipping, the package arrives at my door in literally 3 or less days EVERY TIME.

    i could go on and on about how this product and this company has changed my life and my health for the better, but it would be best if you just gave them a try yourself. vapage.com DO IT.

  2. 3
    Review by Lisa
    Overall 55555
    E-Cigarette 55555
    Service 55555
    Shipment 55555

    This company has really good customer service. I have 2 batteries that are cig20 brand which vapage owns (I, too, wish they lasted longer). The vapage cartomizers are very satisfying. Been off reg. cigarettes for over 3 months. Started with 24mg, now on 18mg (reg. tobacco “flavor” (not really much flavor. They run specials often (5 packs of cartomizers/$50, no tax, free ship). Highly recommend them.

  3. 2
    Review by roger
    Overall 44444
    E-Cigarette 44444
    Service 44444
    Shipment 44444

    i have been using the vampage ecig for about 2 months now and have not smoke a real cig in about 30 days, wish the batteries would last a little longer but overall it definitly works, i am on the 18 mg now and hope to ween off it completley in a couple of months. my wife says me and my clothes dont smell anymore also which she is very greatful for since she does not smoke, also i can smoke in bed and it does not bother her at all.

  4. 1
    Review by Mark Jameson
    Overall 55555
    E-Cigarette 55555
    Service 55555
    Shipment 55555

    I just got the Vapage pocket pack, seriously the best ecigarette I have ever used at its only 29 bucks for everything.. I would recommend it.

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