Vapor Nine

Vapor Nine ecigarette starter kitVapor Nine not only wants to save smokers from thousands of chemicals and other toxics, but also wants to save you precious money. Their quality electronic cigarettes and their refill cartridges were built to get you the most vapor possible from your puffs. Thousands of smokers have converted from traditional tobacco smokers to becoming happy electronic smokers. No matter what type of smoker you are, Vapor 9 will without doubt have the e-cigarette kit that suits your smoking needs and preferences.

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    Review by brad kington
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    Don’t do it! I am a great test case for vaping. I quit smoking a year ago and feeling great and normal. I decided to try vaping a month ago up til today and not all that much! Well Im up right now at four in the morning because I cant breath right.
    Thats right I feel worst now than smoking the real thing, I have almost a constant headache my chest has a very uneasy feeling, im getting heart pulpitations and as I said I cant breath right. I believe there is something harmful in the ingredients rat effects the lungs and brain. I will not take another drag from one!

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