VaporFi starters kitVaporFi is a new entrant in the e-cigarette market that has quickly earned a reputation for being one of the most innovative brands available today. It has already become clear that they are winning over new customers with their wide selection of e-liquid flavors, which can be custom blended to give over 30,000 choices, and also their collection of high-tech vaporizers. Lots of e-cig kits, lots of options, and high quality is their thing. Expect unsurpassed vapor production from these vaporizers, and some of the finest flavors imaginable.

VaporFi Vaporizers

While VaporFi does carry a nice line of 2-piece e-cigarettes (VaporFi Express), their popularity can be attributed to awesome vaporizers. VaporFi offers an advanced selection with 5 different vaporizer models, each with different capabilities. Once you try a vaporizer, and compare it to the performance of a regular e-cig, you’ll see the difference in both power and ability. Anyone interested in trying vaporizers for themselves will definitely be happy with their choice for VaporFi’s vaporizers.

Having used their Pro Starter Kit, we will tell you this is an awesome tank system. It’s got a nice size to it; it isn’t huge but definitely knows how to perform. The battery lasts a very long time, and the vapor you get from it is far beyond any two-piece e-cigarette you’ve used before, and better than vaporizers we’ve tried in the past. The high power is great, and the battery life on this is better than you’d expect.

VaporFi Starter Kits

Pro Starter Kit by VaporFiBoth starting and seasoned e-cigarette smokers will find a starter kit that suits their wishes when going through VaporFi’s range of 6 starter kits. The kit that they seem to be doing the best with is their Pro Starter Kit, which runs for $54.99. It’s has a 650mAh battery and a decent amount of accessories. The kit below that one is the Air Starter Kit, which has a slightly smaller, less powerful, battery, and this kit goes for $39.99.

Their other offerings go up in features and price, but still manage to remain affordable and desirable. The Jet Starter Kit offers a lot of power, and runs $79.99. The Pulse Starter Kit goes for $119.99, and it has 2 high-powered vaporizers in it, as well as a cool circular charger. Their most talked about model is the Rebel, which is like the vaporizer of all vaporizers. The kit goes for $179.99 with everything you need in it, and those who’ve used it say it is worth far more than they are asking for!


VaporFi Pro Kits in different colorsIf you know anything about vaporizers, you know that they are able to work with a variety of different accessories such as tanks, cartomizers, etc. Because VaporFi carries a lot of different accessories to work with their models you have many options to trick out the performance. The selection is HUGE, so be advised to spend a while looking if you are not sure what you want.

VaporFi E-Liquids

Using VaporFi’s e-liquids is a treat. Their juices score on all criteria – the flavors are spot on, the vapor is what you expect a good cloud of vapor to be and the throat hit is nice and strong.

With 30 ml bottles of e-liquid priced at just $14.99, VaporFi offers great value for money. The whole custom blends feature is amazing; who doesn’t want to be able to come up with their own flavors? They have more than 50 different single flavors, and they can be mixed into over 30,000 additional blends, so your choices are basically unlimited. Plus the quality is really on top here too, with inhalation-grade ingredients used, and all manufacturing done in the USA.

VaporFi’s Super Bowl Commercial


VaporFi has excellent performance, without charging outrageous prices. Having top quality liquids that can be custom blended is a huge plus. Overall, they provide great quality, amazing realistic innovation,… It’s clear why the brand is rapidly winning fans everywhere.

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2 Customer Reviews of “VaporFi”

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    Review by TM3C
    Overall 55555
    E-Cigarette 55555
    Service 55555
    Shipment 55555

    Vaporzone is my new partner in crime for all my electronic smoking… I got both the Pro Starter Kit and Vaporzone Express. The misses are now using the Pro, I’m using the Expres. We’re both loving the customizable ejuices and are eager to know which ones other peeps have blended.

  2. 1
    Review by galvanizer
    Overall 55555
    E-Cigarette 55555
    Service 55555
    Shipment 44444

    Having been using different disposables for some time, I decided to get myself a decent kit and went with the jet kit. Going from a disposable to a device like this really is a blessing – the battery life on it is just “blowing me away” (pun intended). Makes good vapor, loving the different flavors available.

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