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Volcano Ecig, e-cigarettes, ecig starter kitVolcano Ecig is known for its nice e-cigarette kit packages that come with simply everything you need to become an electronic smoker, they don’t call theirselves “The Pack Leader” without a reason! Their nice starter kits start at just $39.99. If you’re looking for something even cheaper, you can get a disposable electronic cigarette of $9.99 to get a taste of what electronic smokes are like.

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3 Customer Reviews of “Volcano Ecig”

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    Review by Teresa Evans
    Overall 11111
    E-Cigarette 22222
    Service 11111
    Shipment 22222

    Save yourself frustration, shop elsewhere! We ordered two Inferno ecig kits a month ago, spent 170+ dollars. At least one cartomizer in each kit was defective, and one battery will not hold a charge. Being new to ecigs we didn’t realize this until it was too late to exchange them.

    Two weeks ago we spent another 70 dollars for more eliquid. They only sent one bottle of the two I ordered (20+dollars). I contacted them immediately and they said “send us a picture of the packing slip”. Why I do not know, but I did this. They said they didn’t get it. I sent it again. Again, they said they didn’t get it. Sent it a third time to “James” in customer service. He confirmed receipt of the image of their packing slip, but refuses to commit as to whether or not they are planning to make good on their error. Every response I get from them is flippant and condescending. So – I have no choice but to contact my credit card company and file a dispute of the charges.

    I have also found out since then, through research and inquiries, that the flavorings they use in their own eliquids are part of what destroys the cartomizers; they use heavy oil based flavorings that clog the device and after a few uses they can’t be cleaned well enough to use – so you have to buy more. Nice scam to ensure you have to keep ordering parts. I’m done with them at this point. NOTHING is worth this much grief. Take your business to a company that deserves it.

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    Review by Lani
    Overall 44444
    E-Cigarette 55555
    Service 33333
    Shipment 44444

    Bought an inferno kit couple months ago and I have been off the analog cigs since. Volcano has the best juice I have ever tasted and I’ve tested out others. I am not a 510 lover because it doesn’t satisfy me as the large battery ecigs does (which is what the inferno is). Not too much hassle and easy to put together. I would recommend to watch the videos on their site for instructions because the kits do not come with a manual. I gave service a 3 star, because I did not experience a very friendly attitude over the phone (very monotone).. Since I’ve worked in CS for a very long time, I believe a positive or even a more pleasant disposition makes an enormous impact on customers. The chat forums and vid chat were more friendlier and you can get help there. Overall the ecig from Volcano is wonderful! Juice is U.S. made in Hawaii, maybe that is why it taste great.. Tried all different ones from their tobacco pure to pineapple punch in 16 mil and there are fantastic! Shipping is fast, orders goes in within 24 hours and is shipped 2 days fedex at great rate of 7.99. Buyers beware.. they do not give money back guarantee but do have a limited warranty on some of their products, another reason service is at 3 stars. guarantees do reflect the company’s service, so until they come up with at least a 30 day money back guarantee, my ratings on their service will stay at 3.. for now at least

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