ZeroCig e-cigarette reviewsZEROCIG is an e-cigarette brand that’s well-known for its very complete and top-quality e-cigarette starter kits. To proof that they’re convinced about their products, they offer you a 30 day money back guarantee. To help you save even more by smoking electronic cigarettes, they have created a dedicated refill program that you can join to get big discounts on your e-smoking products.

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3 Customer Reviews of “ZEROCIG”

  1. 3
    Review by JD Smith
    Overall 55555
    E-Cigarette 55555
    Service 55555
    Shipment 55555

    OK here is an honest review from a guy who has tried (1) Blu, (2) Apollo, (3) totally wicked, (4) V2 and now Finally I have found my brand with ZEROCIG. Blu and Apollo were Ok vapor was about average though I would give the edge to Apollo, battery life was good for about a day, cartomizers about a day. V2 thicker vapor and battery life was better than the previous 2, taste (menthol) was just ok not that much better than the previous 2 and definitely not worth the cost! Now Zerocig More vapor, thicker vapor Super tasting Menthol battery life way better 1 1/2 to 2 days, cartomizers lasted 2 days easy, shipping was super fast had an issue with the wall charger called and a new one arrived 2 days later. The Best Part besides what i just mentioned is the price!! not only on their kits But also on their cartomizers $9.99 for 5 and they last 1 1/2 times as long as the other three brands. Can’t say enough about ZEROCIG hands down the best ecig around.

  2. 2
    Review by Joy
    Overall 33333
    E-Cigarette 22222
    Service 44444
    Shipment 44444

    The regular tobacco flavor is awesome and the closest I’ve ever had in an e-cig that tastes just like a real cigarette. The lite weight is great.The shipping is quick. Now for the down side. The vapor is awfull, the amount of vapor can’t compare to say green smoke or other higher priced brands.

  3. 1
    Review by Carry
    Overall 55555
    E-Cigarette 55555
    Service 55555
    Shipment 55555

    Soooo Impressed! My friend let me try hers once and then she wouldn’t let me touch it again because she thought I would disappear with it :-)… I probably would have too.

    I had to buy one and decided to go with the pink battery.

    I received my purchase a few days ago and am in love with the menthol and chocolate flavors.

    Highly recommend!

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